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Product Summary
    This UV Test Strap Charm is for you to personalize and fashion your hand held items. It is suitable for most cell phones, PDAs, portable games and music players.
    Stylish Diamond on Silver Leather Design strap for you to attach to your compatible cell phone. Accessorize your cellular phone! Universal to fit most cellular phone makes/models!

  • The cell phone pendant strap charm can detect UV / Ultraviolet Strength via being irradiated in the sun into five different colors.
  • The body of the charm is transparent, and being exposed in sunlight with Ultraviolet radiation, it will becomes colorful.
  • You can tell the UV strength via the colors of beads on the charm, from light to dark, means light to strong UV.
    he silicone keyboard is acid, alkaline, dust, and water-proof.
  • Can be attached to any compatible cell phone, PDA, music player, wallet, handbag and more that have a lanyard hole.


    Length: 3 cm (Not Include Pendant)
    About 4cm Include Pendant.
    Color& design: Random

    INSTRUCTIONS: 1. On your device, locate Charm holes.
    2. Pinch the charm loop at the end of the Charm and string it through both holes.
    3. Once loop is through, string the braided end of the Charm through the charm loop and pull tight to make a slip knot.
    4. The Charm is now secure and ready to use.

  • Shipping Weight:    0.19 oz
  • SKU: 44085-28326
    Location: S66-113

Compatible Panasonic Models

  • Panasonic 87
  • Panasonic G50
  • Panasonic G50 G51
  • Panasonic G520
  • Panasonic G60
  • Panasonic G600
  • Panasonic G70
  • Panasonic GD30
  • Panasonic GD35
  • Panasonic GD55
  • Panasonic GD67
  • Panasonic GD75
  • Panasonic GD87
  • Panasonic GD88
  • Panasonic GD90
  • Panasonic GD92
  • Panasonic GD93
  • Panasonic GD95
  • Panasonic GU87
  • Panasonic PROMAX
  • Panasonic TX-210
  • Panasonic TX-310
  • Panasonic VERSIO 320
  • Panasonic VS6
  • Panasonic X300
  • Panasonic X500
  • Panasonic X60
  • Panasonic X70
  • Panasonic X700

  • Which Panasonic phone model do you have?

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