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   Hp PSC 1310 1.5m/5ft USB 2.0 Extension Cable (Blue)

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Product Description

    Compatible with Hp PSC 1310 Printer: USB 2.0 Extension Cable for you to connect USB devices to your computers.
    Sometime we feel that the USB cable coming with the device is too short for use. For this, we need a USB extension cable to solve the problem.
    It just connects USB cable to USB port. It could not connect device directly!

  • SKU: 31680-337836
    Location: B04-168
  • Shipping Weight:    3.50 oz

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Customer Reviews
   Henry .   16  Apr,  2012

This cable did not fit my HP Printer...

   Jack .   01  Aug,  2012

Fast shipping, only took only a couple of days to receive it. Product was exactly as described and worked perfectly. There was updates and feedback throughout purchase process. Very pleased with my shopping experience.

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