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   Apple iPod shuffle 3.5mm Jack to USB Interface Data Cable (White)

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Product Description

    For the Apple iPod shuffle MP3 Player: 3.5mm Jack to USB Interface Data Cable for you to use to connect your audio devices, iPods, other MP3 to USB port.
    And the USB Cable conveniently allows you to download music and video to your Apple iPods, Shuffle, other MP3 from your computer.

    • The lightweight construction makes it easy to take this cable anywhere you go.
    • 3.5mm to USB Cable 2-In-1 sync & charging
    • Connect to your PC/ laptop by USB port or car or wall charger adapters to charge your MP3 player
    • Update music/ data & more to your iPod through this data cable
    • Using the cable is easier and more convenient that using the dock that came with your Shuffle.

  • SKU: 35194-603695
    Location: S06-171
  • Shipping Weight:    0.31 oz

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Customer Reviews
   Cesar .   15  Jul,  2011

The charger looks very similar to the original that I lost. But it simply does not work. The Ipod shuffle is supposed to turn its light on upon plugged in to indicate that battery is being charged. There is no light. I left it plugged in for several hours thinking that it was late on charging because the battery had been fully drained. Again, after more than 5 hours there was still no light on the shuffle.Secondly, when the charger is plugged in, I Tunes will automatically pop out in the display and show that my shuffle is plugged. It didn't happen with this charger I bought from cellular factory. I strongly suggest that the sellers must test its products before they sell them on Ebay especially if they are to be used on Apple gadgets. Apparently, Apple designed its products in such a way it does not work when used with other devices they did not make or approve.

   Steve .   25  Jul,  2011

The product came in great shape and quickly, but it was the wrong product for our device. CellularFactory was quick to correct the issue. 100% satisfied!

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