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   Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 EDUP Mini 802.11n USB Wireless Adapter


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Product Description

    For the Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 Laptop: Products Description: This 802.11n USB Wireless Adapter is a Plug & Play USB 2.0 solution, which brings wireless network to users laptop or desktop PC with up to 150Mbps transfer rate. 802.11n USB wireless adapter is Wi-Fi compliant. With Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista operation system, the adapter can access network once the network is available. In addition to the feature of 64/128 bit WEP encryption and the security of WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)/WPA2, WPS(Wi-Fi network setup) is added.

  • Compliant with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b and IEEE802.11n (Draft 2.0) wireless standards.
  • Supports three Mode: Ad hoc Mode, Infrastructure Mode, Soft AP.
  • Supports advanced 1T1R MIMO technology to enhance the throughput and coverage range significantly.
  • Support Cisco CCS V1.0, 2.0, 3.0 Standards.
  • Support QoS 802.11e, WMM function.
  • Supports WPS external button.
  • Provides 64/128 bit WEP ,WPA,WPA2,802.1X and 802.11i encryption security.
  • Supports simplified Wi-Fi network setup WPS function.
  • Supports USB1.1 and USB 2.0 interface, plug and play.
  • Support 64/128 bit WEP/WEP2 for network security.
  • Supports wireless roaming among different AP with no break.
  • Max. 150 Mbps transmission speed.
  • Supports Win98, 2K, XP, Vista, Linux, Not works for Windows ME

  • SKU: 44383-767090
    Location: B03-203
  • Shipping Weight:    0.98 oz

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    Product Q&A

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    Customer Reviews
       Jon .   08  Oct,  2011

    This is a great fix for a computer with a bad wireless card. at around 15 dollars it is extremely affordable and is so small that it does not become an eyesore. I personally think the driver and program that it comes with makes it easier to connect to different networks than the standard windows program. Then again i like user friendly products that are stupid proof.

       Bill Dawson .   14  Dec,  2011

    Product was exactly as described and a great price. Order was processed and shipped fast. Installed and worked easily as indicated on store description. Overall a great buy.

       Mark .   21  Dec,  2011

    I installed this on an older laptop that was stripped for parts, It works Great, no hassle install and was on the internet in seconds. Alot for little price.

       brad .   04  Feb,  2012


       Gerald .   23  Feb,  2012

    When I received it, I simply plugged it into a USB port and turned my computer on. When the system completed bootng, I saw immediately that it had recognized a wireless connection and was ready to go. I clicked on Internet Explorer and it quickly went to my default web page. This is a fantastic device, it costs very little, and it works great. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs wireless access to the Internet.

       Eugenio Ruiz .   13  Mar,  2012

    The supercompact size is amazing. Am a tad dissapointed in that I didn't get 133 Mbps, like I do with my TrendNet adapter, but 72 Mbps sure is an improvement over 36 Mbps. And the price is right too...:~)

       Phillip .   30  Mar,  2012

    using Windows XP (SP3), plugged in and installed driver. Works like a champ. Great product.

       HUNG .   16  Jun,  2012

    Prompt delivery is a plus.

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