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   Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA 13 VGA to TV Converter, Input VGA , Output RCA Composite Video, S-Video and VGA


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Product Description

    For the Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA 13 Laptop: PC Laptop to TV converter is a handed-size universal VGA to TV converter box. It supports resolution up to 1280 x 1024. Compact size, Power from USB port, It is best for PC GAME, PC DVD, and Internet viewing on TV, Entertainment, Education and Presentation.

    • Video Standard: NTSC/NTSC-EIAJ/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM(via RGB out)
    • VGA importation support:800x600 (up to 85Hz), 1024x768 (up to 85Hz) and 1280x1024 (up to 60Hz)
    • Input port: DB15 (VGA)
    • Output ports: RCA Composite video, S-Video and VGA (HD15)
    • Image controls: Horizontal and vertical size, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness and onscreen display background)
    • Supports Resolution up to 1280 X 1024, Dual display on PC Monitor and TV

    1 x VGA to TV converter
    1 x VGA male to male cable
    1 x S-Video male to male cable
    1 x RCA male to male cable
    1 x USB to power cable

    Color: Silver
    Size(with package): 8.9*5.9*2.4 inch
    Weight(with package): 13.2 oz

    System Requirements:
    Desktop or Notebook PC compatible with IBM PC or MACINTOSH PC.
    TV or VCR which supports NTSC(2 pins Down) or PAL(2 pins Up) video standard with composite video input S-Video input, RGB video input.
    US NTSC TV, both switch Jumpers Down. (PAL TV Both Jumpers Up)
    Sometime you may get some weird scan lines if you set the display to certain resolutions. Just need a little adjustment on Resolution.
    SDTV resolution is like 640x480 so things are a bit squished making small text hard to read since a high resolution image on a low resolution screen. Recommend to use 800x600. It is good for video playback on TV.
    Sometime the display colors is a little bit red, just need a little adjustment on color.
    It support video sources with the resolutions from 640x480 up to 1280x1024

  • SKU: 41399-791907
    Location: B09-121
  • Shipping Weight:    13.20 oz

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       BETTY .   03  Jun,  2011

    It is exactly what my daughter needed to watch movies that were on her computer.

       flo .   14  Jul,  2012

    Opened a whole new world. I can watch internet free movies on my TV now. Easy to set up and use. Be sure to get the audio cable to feed the sound into your system.

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