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Dell Inspiron 15 (N5040) 15 INCH -17 INCH LAPTOP KEYBOARD SKIN

Dell Inspiron 15 (N5040)
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   Dell Inspiron 15 (N5040) 15 inch -17 inch Laptop Keyboard Skin

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Product Description

    For the Dell Inspiron 15 (N5040) Laptop: 15"-17" Keyboard Silicone Protector / Protective Film for you to protect your Laptop Keyboard. The Skin Protector Cover protects your notebook against wear and tear, spills, dirt and other unwanted elements from getting on or under your key. Washable and easy to remove. High Quality, Brand New, Retail Package, Fast Shipping.

  • 1. This film has used the international popular environmental protection material silicon, touch soft, non-toxic, non-corrosiveness, anti-yellow, high-temperature-proof, wear resistant, heat-resisting as well as has high strong feature of release which is not easy to damage;
  • 2. Its surface also has anti-side function, lets you type with ease. Ultra thin design makes you open and close your computer without any affection;
    3. Cannot shift during using, it can completely close fitting your keyboard surface but does not affect operation ;
  • 4. Waterproof material, the unique automatic adsorption design, 100 angles do not crash, effectively prevented the liquid inflow keyboard and damage the computer;
  • 5. Dustproof and anti dirty design may avoid the dust, the cigarette ash, the biscuit filings and so on falls into the keyboard to affect the keyboard life;
    6. Special bacteria elimination processing cause it difficult to grow the bacterium and keep the keyboard clean;
    7. Smoothly paste on the keyboard, it can use in common each brand notebook keyboard; its good releasing heat function does not affect the releasing heat function of notebook keyboard;
    8. Easy to clean, it ma directly flush b water, it become clean after slightly rub and then may duplicate uses;
    9. Ultra thin design, has high transparent feature, may let you clearly see the characters on the keyboard and does not affect typing;
    10. Does not deteriorate and distort after long-time use, can provide long time protection for you the computer, does not distort with free winding, also may wash but does not affect the use effect;

    1. Confirm whether the size of protective film is appropriate of keyboard size
    2. Clean the keyboard
    3. Tear the protection paper at the back of the film open and paste it on the keyboard
    4. Complete the installment

    * Please notice that this product just fits Laptops between 15"-17". And the keyboard cover does not have keyboard indentation.
    * You may need cut the protector to fit your keyboard.

  • SKU: 40417-780344
    Location: B05-197
  • Shipping Weight:    1.00 oz

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    Product Q&A

    Write a Review

    Customer Reviews
       Thomas .   16  Jun,  2011

    It fits perfect. Although i would like it to be a customized cover to fit the keyboard design. also clearer. overall its cool. I will give an 8 out of 10

       Anna .   29  Jan,  2012

    Decent. helps protect my keyboard. it's a great product for this price

       Raj .   07  Feb,  2012

    This product like the screen protector I bought from this company, is not an exact size fit to my laptop. I had to cut the material to make it fit better. The appearance of the keyboard protector is not great, but does the job of protecting the keyboard from dust and other materials from entering.

       Hazel .   18  Feb,  2012

    This is an excellent product for my DELL, stays where I put it and does not slide around, great product.

       Chris .   12  Mar,  2012

    Fits perfectly across my keyboard and lays flat to minimize any difference in keystrokes. Protects against fingerprints/smudges from greasy or dirty skin, as I wanted. Saved my laptop from water/food spill when I accidentally tipped my plate over, thankfully. Overall good product, just wish it fit over the shape of the keys instead of laying flat atop them.

       Dawn .   13  Mar,  2012

    prevents keyboard messes!, but wish material was clearer.

       myrtle .   23  Mar,  2012

    covers dell xpx 15z. product as stated. protects well.

       myrtle .   30  Mar,  2012

    Covers and protects well.l Can type easily on it.

       zhan .   05  Apr,  2012

    This keyboard protector is really helpful, easy to remove and wash as needed. I would buy from the Cellular Factory again. They are time-efficient, friendly and care about the quality of customer service. The advice I have for those who are considering buying this type of product: check the diameter of your laptop' screen to make sure that the width of your keyboard protector is prefect for your laptop.

       Judge .   09  Apr,  2012

    Fits well.

       Ronald .   11  Jun,  2012

    Works well. Please be aware that this is not the molded keys style protector, just a flat flexible piece of plastic. Just the same, works well. Not particularly pleasing to look at in full daylight but, the lighted keys show well at night. Have washed it once with no problems. How long will it last before it oxidizes and becomes stiff? Who knows but, its cheap enough to replace.

       Pecola .   15  Sep,  2012

    The product is fine, but it was not compatible with my Acer 7730z keyboard. Overall, it is definitely durable.

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