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   Sony PSP 2000 Displex LCD Scratch Remover

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Product Description

    For the Sony PSP 2000 Video Games: Cell telephone and other displays scratch very easily and thus appear shabby and unsightly. Only a few manufacturers offer replacement displays and even then the exchange is usually very costly.

    DISPLEX offers a simple solution for this widespread customer problem. With this new type of special polishing paste, end users have for the first time the possibility of eliminating the scratches in their mobile phone displays quickly and cost-effectively in a do-it-yourself process.

    Apply some DISPLEX to the cell phone or other digital LCD display. Polish the scratched areas with heavy pressure for 2-3 minutes with a soft, clean cotton cloth. #Repeat application as necessary for deep scratches.
    Remove residue Attention: do not polish coated surfaces; treat the transpar-ent part of the display lens exclusively. Contents of tube of 5 g is sufficient for approx. 8-10 applications.

    The plastic lens is lightly dissolved and polished with fine abrasive particles. The corners of the scratch traces are rounded off and the fissure bottom filled out with the material of the lens itself.

    This item is non-returnable because it includes LCD cleaning solution and cannot be returned to the manufacturer.

  • SKU: 36844-637515
    Location: DIS-1234156068
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Customer Reviews
   Joey .   19  Oct,  2011

It reduced some of the little scratches, but the large, deep scratches are still there. I guess it can't perform miracles.

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