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   Apple ipod Nano HANDSFREE & HEADSETS

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Product Summary
    For the Apple ipod Nano Cell Phone: The handset is full size, so fits comfortably in your hand, and is finished with a comfortable soft-touch texture. The handset includes noise reduction technology, easy to use.

  • Compatible with 3.5mm jack mobile phones, including iPhone, iPad
  • Noise-reducing technology for a crisp and polished sound Luxurious soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort and feel
  • Eliminates up to 99 percentage of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of mobile phones
  • One touch button for convenient pick-up/hang-up directly from the handset (Not all mobile phone support function)

  • Specifications:
    Color: Black
    Material: ABS and Plastic
    Size: 8.27*2.36*2.36in (21*6*6cm)
    Package Size: 9.65*6.1*2.56in (24.5*25.5*6.5cm)

  • Shipping Weight:    6.17 oz
  • SKU: 53504-656277
    Location: B04-150

Compatible Apple ipod Models

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  • Apple ipod Classic
  • Apple ipod Nano
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  • Which Apple ipod phone model do you have?

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    Customer Reviews
       LAWRENCE .   11  Dec,  2011

    works ok...pretty flimsy and hard to cradle

       Alexander .   15  Dec,  2011

    Its a great conversation piece for sure! However, the one I received ONLY works on the iPhone. I tried it on my Droidx and multiple other phones around the office with no luck. It will be a good stocking stuffer for my daughter. Good luck

       Duncan Flamino .   15  Dec,  2011

    Works great!!

       Nick .   15  Dec,  2011

    Great functionality! now, I just to find a cradle of some kind to hang it from!

       reginald .   21  Dec,  2011

    Calls can be heard clearly,fun conversation piece

       Joanne .   27  Dec,  2011

    I am really enjoying the handset. It's lightweight, fun, and functional. The volume controd does not work with my phone (Blackberry), but that's a minor convenience, because I can use the phone's control buttons for that function.

       Tammi .   01  Jan,  2012

    It works great!

       Marvin .   09  Apr,  2012

    This has been one of the best gadgets ever. It's a great conversational piece that actualy works.

       David .   10  Apr,  2012

    Works well for the money, a little tinnie, but for $10 it's fine... I bought this as a lark but have ended up using it quite often... I forgot how much easier it was to put a phone on your shoulder pushed up against your ear...sure beats the cell slipping off and falling to the floor!!

       Joe .   12  Apr,  2012

    Way Cool, My wife now uses it in the car when she is a passenger and needs to be on the phone for a while. It does not get hot like the actual cell phone.

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