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Product Summary
    For the Htc Hero Cell Phone: This Extended Cell Phone Battery (3500 mAh) is for you to keep as an extra power source for your cell phone device.
    Keep an extra battery for your cell phone handy at home, in the office or on your travel.

  • High Capacity rechargeable lithium polymer (Li-Poly) battery rated at 3500 mAh for your cell phone
  • Expect to Approx. Double Your Talk and Standby Times
  • Extended battery for you to keep as a reliable extra power source handy
  • Advanced lithium-ion technology keeps phone working at optimum performance.
  • Includes a battery cover that is specifically designed for the battery and your phone

    Output Voltage: 3.7 V
    Battery Type: Extended battery
    Battery Capacity: 3500 mAh
    Estimated talk & standby time: to 7 days standby time and 4-5 hours talk time
    NOTE: Actual performance and standby time vary depending on user habits.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The battery operation time depends on conditions such as: Transmitting power level, Signal (distance between the phone and the base station), and Network parameters defined by the operator

  • Shipping Weight:    2.55 oz
  • What's in the box:   1x extended battery 1x battery door cover
  • SKU: 46714-470040
    Location: S74-132

Compatible Htc Models

  • Htc Hero (Sprint)

  • Which Htc phone model do you have?

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    Customer Reviews
       Paul .   14  May,  2011

    As expected, makes my HTC Hero last for a day and 1/2, even though it is a new phone and I have been playing with it constantly.

       Stanley .   26  Sep,  2011

    not knowing if my battery was going to last at least one day was frustrating. Since using the extended battery, no problems. I get two to three days before needing to recharge. Thanks for the quality product.

       John .   10  Oct,  2011

    The price and quality of this product is amazing, my phone battery lasts the entire day now instead of part of the day. I have found nothing wrong with this other than the headphone jack hole could have been drilled out a little better because I can see the drill marks, but other than that it works great.

       Jo Harris .   20  Nov,  2011

    Battery was what they said it was...VERY SATISFIED. I will do business with them again.

       Richard .   03  Feb,  2012

    Purchase was easy and shipped quickly. The battery does last longer than the original that came with the phone, but does not hold its charge anywhere near as long as advertised. The best I can get from a single charge is about 2 1/2 days and that is if the phone mostly sits on standby. The size, though bulkier than the standard battery is not a problem.

       Beckers .   19  Jun,  2012

    Battery life is well beyond my expectation at about a day to day and 1/2 and the best so far was 2 days for the product. Product was shipped faster than stated.

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