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Looking for Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 USB POWER ADAPTERS? Get them on SALE Today
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   Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 USB POWER ADAPTERS

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Product Summary
    For the Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 Cell Phone: Universal Mini USB Car Charger Adapter (Black) for you to use with your device.
    Use your car to charge any devices (digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones, USB accessories and more) that can rely on USB for power! This adapter plugs into your car's cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port.
    USB car charger adapter charges your PDA from any standard cigarette lighter in any vehicle. (Use together with USB charging cable. Not included)
    Patented circuit board designed to protect your valuable gadgets from short circuits.
    Fit all electronic appliances that use a USB charging cable.

    • Talk and Charge at the Same Time
    • Provides Unlimited Talk Time
    • Plugs Into Car's Cigarette Lighter
    • Engineered for Reliable Portable Power
    • Made with quality and precision

    Input: 12V - 24V
    Output: 5V / 700mA
    Color: Black
    Net weight: 0.6 oz

  • Shipping Weight:    0.60 oz
  • SKU: 40156-776695
    Location: S07-143

Compatible Samsung Models

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  • Samsung A107 SGH-A107
  • Samsung A110 SGH-A110
  • Samsung A117 SGH-A117
  • Samsung A127 SGH-A127
  • Samsung A137 SGH-A137
  • Samsung A167 SGH-A167
  • Samsung A197 SGH-A197
  • Samsung A227 A226 SGH-A227 A226
  • Samsung A237 SGH-A237
  • Samsung A300 SGH-A300
  • Samsung A303 SPH-A303
  • Samsung A310 SCH-A310
  • Samsung A400 SGH-A400
  • Samsung A420 SPH-A420
  • Samsung A437 SGH-A437
  • Samsung A460 SPH-A460
  • Samsung A500 SPH-A500
  • Samsung A503 SPH-A503
  • Samsung A517 SGH-A517
  • Samsung A530 SCH-A530S
  • Samsung A560 SPH-A560
  • Samsung A570 SCH-A570
  • Samsung A580 SPH-A580
  • Samsung A600 SPH-A600
  • Samsung A610 SCH-A610
  • Samsung A617 SGH-A617
  • Samsung A620 SPH-A620
  • Samsung A630 SCH-A630
  • Samsung A637 SGH-A637
  • Samsung A640 SPH-A640
  • Samsung A645 SCH-A645
  • Samsung A650 SCH-A650
  • Samsung A657 SGH-A657
  • Samsung A660 SPH-A660
  • Samsung A670 SCH-A670
  • Samsung A680 SPH-A680
  • Samsung A700 SPH-A700
  • Samsung A706 SGH-A706
  • Samsung A717 SGH-A717
  • Samsung A727 SGH-A727
  • Samsung A737 SGH-A737 SGH-A736
  • Samsung A740 SPH-A740
  • Samsung A760 SPH-A760
  • Samsung A770 SCH-A770
  • Samsung A777 SGH-A777
  • Samsung A790 A795 SCH-A790 SCH-A795
  • Samsung A800 SPH-A800
  • Samsung A820 SPH-A820
  • Samsung A837 RUGBY A837
  • Samsung A840 SPH-A840
  • Samsung A850 SCH-A850
  • Samsung A870 SCH-A870
  • Samsung A880 SPH-A880
  • Samsung A890 SCH-A890
  • Samsung A900 SPH-A900
  • Samsung A900M
  • Samsung A915 SCH-A915
  • Samsung A920 MM-A920
  • Samsung A930 SCH-A930
  • Samsung A940 SPH-A940
  • Samsung A950 SCH-A950
  • Samsung A960 SPH-A960
  • Samsung A970 SCHA970
  • Samsung A990 SCH-A990
  • Samsung ACCESS A827 SGH-A827
  • Samsung ACE I325 SPH-I325
  • Samsung ALIAS U740 SCH-U740
  • Samsung Acclaim R880 SCH-R880
  • Samsung Admire Vitality SCH-R720
  • Samsung Axle R311 SCH-R311
  • Samsung B2710
  • Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT
  • Samsung B3310
  • Samsung B5722
  • Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5
  • Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4
  • Samsung B7722
  • Samsung BEHOLD T919 SGH-T919
  • Samsung BLACKJACK I607 SGH-I607
  • Samsung BLACKJACK II I617 SGH-I617
  • Samsung BYLINE R310 SCH-R310
  • Samsung Behold II T939 SGH-T939
  • Samsung Blast T729 SGH-T729
  • Samsung Blue Earth S7550
  • Samsung Brightside SCH-U380
  • Samsung C100
  • Samsung C110
  • Samsung C120
  • Samsung C130
  • Samsung C207 SGH-C207
  • Samsung C225 SGH-C225
  • Samsung C3053
  • Samsung C3300K Champ
  • Samsung C3312 Duos
  • Samsung C3530
  • Samsung C417 SGH-C417 SGH-C327
  • Samsung C5010 Squash
  • Samsung C6112
  • Samsung Caliber R850 SCH-R850
  • Samsung Captivate Glide SGH-I927 Gidim
  • Samsung Captivate i897
  • Samsung Ch@t 322 C3222
  • Samsung Ch@t 335 S3350
  • Samsung Ch@t 350 Chat C3500
  • Samsung Character SCH-R640 Messager Touch II
  • Samsung Chrono 2 SCH-R270
  • Samsung Code I220 SCH-I220
  • Samsung Comeback T559 SGH-t559
  • Samsung Conquer 4G D600
  • Samsung Continuum SCH-i400
  • Samsung Contour SCH-R250
  • Samsung Convoy 2 SCH-U660
  • Samsung Convoy U640 SCH-U640
  • Samsung Corby II S3850
  • Samsung Corby TV F339
  • Samsung Craft SCH-R900
  • Samsung D307 SGH-D307
  • Samsung D357 SGH-D357
  • Samsung D407 SGH-D407 D347
  • Samsung D410 SGH-D410
  • Samsung D415 SGH-D415
  • Samsung D500 SGH-D500
  • Samsung D600
  • Samsung D800 SGH-D807
  • Samsung D820 SGH-D820
  • Samsung D830
  • Samsung D900
  • Samsung D980 Duos
  • Samsung Dart SGH-T499
  • Samsung Delve R800 SCH-R800
  • Samsung DoubleTime SGH-I857
  • Samsung Droid Charge SCH-i510
  • Samsung E105 SGH-E105
  • Samsung E1170
  • Samsung E2152
  • Samsung E2652W Champ Duos
  • Samsung E300
  • Samsung E310
  • Samsung E315 SGH-E315
  • Samsung E316 SGH-E316
  • Samsung E317 SGH-E317
  • Samsung E330
  • Samsung E335 SGH-E335
  • Samsung E350
  • Samsung E370 SGH-E370
  • Samsung E400
  • Samsung E530 SGH-E530
  • Samsung E600
  • Samsung E620
  • Samsung E630 SGH-E630
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  • Samsung E700
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  • Samsung Galaxy S Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S T769 Blaze 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII I9300 Galaxy S III i535 / i747 / L710 / T999
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  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover S5690
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  • Samsung Gloss U440 SCH-U440
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  • Samsung Gravity SMART Gravity Touch 2 SGH-T589 GT2
  • Samsung Gravity TXT SGH-T379
  • Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365
  • Samsung Gusto U360
  • Samsung HEAT
  • Samsung HUE R500 SCH-R500
  • Samsung Haven U320
  • Samsung Highlight T749 SGH-T749
  • Samsung Highnote M630 SPH-M630
  • Samsung Hue II R600 SCH-R600
  • Samsung I300 SPH-I300
  • Samsung I320
  • Samsung I330 SPH-i330
  • Samsung I500 SPH-I500
  • Samsung I550 SPH-I550
  • Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica
  • Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3
  • Samsung I600 SCH-I600
  • Samsung I6500U Galaxy
  • Samsung I700 SPH-I700
  • Samsung I730 SCH-I730
  • Samsung I7500 Galaxy
  • Samsung I760 SCH-I760
  • Samsung I8000 Omnia II
  • Samsung I830 SCH-I830
  • Samsung I8510 INNOV8
  • Samsung I907 SGH-I907 Epix
  • Samsung INSTINCT M800 SPH-M800
  • Samsung Illusion i110
  • Samsung Impression A877 SGH-A877
  • Samsung Infuse 4G i997
  • Samsung Instinct HD M850 SPH-M850
  • Samsung Instinct S30 SPH-M810
  • Samsung Intensity 2 U460
  • Samsung Intensity U450 SCH-U450
  • Samsung Intercept M910
  • Samsung Intrepid I350 SPH-I350
  • Samsung JUKE U470 SGH-U470
  • Samsung Jack I637 SGH-I637
  • Samsung Jet S8000
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  • Samsung M8800 Pixon
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  • Samsung Magnet SGH-A257 SGH-A177
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  • Samsung Memoir T929 SGH-T929
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  • Samsung Metro TV
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  • Samsung N105 SGH-N105
  • Samsung N150 SCH-N150
  • Samsung N200 SPH-N200
  • Samsung N240 SPH-N240
  • Samsung N270 SPH-N270
  • Samsung N300 SPH-N300
  • Samsung N330 SCH-N330
  • Samsung N400 SPH-N400
  • Samsung N500 SGH-N500
  • Samsung N625 SGH-N625
  • Samsung Nexus S 4G SPH-D720
  • Samsung Nexus S GT-I9020T
  • Samsung Nimbus SCH-U420
  • Samsung Omnia 7 GT I8700
  • Samsung Omnia I910 SCH-I910
  • Samsung Omnia II I920 SCH-I920
  • Samsung Omnia Lite B7300
  • Samsung Omnia Pro B7320
  • Samsung Omnia Pro B7610
  • Samsung P107 SGH-P107
  • Samsung P207 SGH-P207
  • Samsung P300 SGH-P300
  • Samsung P400 SGH-P400
  • Samsung P510
  • Samsung P520 SGH-P520
  • Samsung P710
  • Samsung P730 SGH-P730
  • Samsung P735 SGH-P735
  • Samsung P777 SGH-P777
  • Samsung Profile SCH-R580
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  • Samsung Propel Pro I627 SGH-I627
  • Samsung Q105 SGH-Q105
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  • Samsung R211 SCH-R211
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  • Samsung R300 SCH-R300
  • Samsung R355 SCH-R350
  • Samsung R400 SCH-R400
  • Samsung R410 SCH-R410
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  • Samsung S401i
  • Samsung S500i
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  • Samsung S5530
  • Samsung S7220 Ultra b Lucido
  • Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch
  • Samsung SCH-2000
  • Samsung SCH-3500
  • Samsung SCH-6100
  • Samsung SCH-810
  • Samsung SCH-850
  • Samsung SCH410 SCH-410
  • Samsung SGH-A187 A187
  • Samsung SLASH M310 SPH-M310
  • Samsung SLM A747 SGH-A747
  • Samsung SPEX R210A
  • Samsung SPH-M360
  • Samsung STRIPE T329 SGH-T329
  • Samsung SWAY U650 SCH-U650
  • Samsung SYNC A707 SGH-A707
  • Samsung Saga I770 SCH-I770
  • Samsung Seek M350 SPH-M350
  • Samsung Showcase i500
  • Samsung Sidekick 4G
  • Samsung Sienna T259
  • Samsung Smiley T359
  • Samsung Smooth U350 SCH-U350
  • Samsung Solstice A887 SGH-A887
  • Samsung Solstice II a817
  • Samsung Star S5230
  • Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405
  • Samsung Stride R330 SCH-R330
  • Samsung Strive A687 SGH-A687
  • Samsung Stunt R100 SCH-R100
  • Samsung Suede SCH-R710
  • Samsung Sunburst A697 SGH-A697
  • Samsung T100
  • Samsung T101g SGH-T101g
  • Samsung T109 SGH-T109
  • Samsung T119 SGH-T119
  • Samsung T139 SGH-T139
  • Samsung T201g SGH-T201g
  • Samsung T209 SGH-T209
  • Samsung T219 SGH-T219
  • Samsung T229 SGH-T229
  • Samsung T239 SGH-T239
  • Samsung T249
  • Samsung T300 SCH-T300
  • Samsung T301g SGH-T301g
  • Samsung T309 SGH-T309
  • Samsung T319 SGH-T319
  • Samsung T339 SGH-T339
  • Samsung T349 SGH-T349
  • Samsung T369 SGH-T369
  • Samsung T409 SGH-T409
  • Samsung T429 SGH-T429
  • Samsung T439 SGH-T439
  • Samsung T479 Gravity 3
  • Samsung T509 SGH-T509
  • Samsung T519 SGH-T519
  • Samsung T528 SGH-T528G
  • Samsung T539 SGH-T539
  • Samsung T609 SGH-T609
  • Samsung T619 SGH-T619
  • Samsung T629 SCH-T629
  • Samsung T636 SGH-T636
  • Samsung T639 SGH-T639
  • Samsung T659 SGH-t659
  • Samsung T669 Gravity T
  • Samsung T700
  • Samsung T709 SGH-T709
  • Samsung T719 SGH-T719
  • Samsung T809 SGH-T809
  • Samsung T819 SGH-T819
  • Samsung Tint R420 SCH-R420
  • Samsung TracFone T401g SGH-T401g
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  • Samsung Transform Ultra SPH-M930
  • Samsung Trender SPH-M380
  • Samsung Trill R520 SCH-R520
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  • Samsung U340 SCH-U340
  • Samsung U410 SCH-U410
  • Samsung U430 SCH-U430
  • Samsung U520 SCH-U520
  • Samsung U540 SCH-U540
  • Samsung U550 SCH-U550
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  • Samsung U940 SCH-U940 GLYDE
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  • Samsung V200
  • Samsung V205 SGH-V205
  • Samsung V206 SGH-V206
  • Samsung VGA1000
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  • Samsung Wave 578
  • Samsung Wave II S8530
  • Samsung X100
  • Samsung X105 SGH-X105
  • Samsung X400
  • Samsung X426 SGH-X426
  • Samsung X427 SGH-X427 SGH-X427M
  • Samsung X450
  • Samsung X460
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  • Samsung X480
  • Samsung X495 SGH-X495
  • Samsung X497 SGH-X497
  • Samsung X507 SGH-X507 X506
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  • Samsung X660 SGH-X66
  • Samsung X700
  • Samsung X800 SGH-X800
  • Samsung X820
  • Samsung X830
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  • Samsung Z107
  • Samsung Z130
  • Samsung Z140
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  • Samsung ZX20 SGH-ZX20
  • Samsung Zeal Alias 2 SCH-U750
  • Samsung i8910 Omnia HD
  • Samsung i900 Omnia SGH-i900
  • Samsung i9000 Galaxy S
  • Samsung i9070 Galaxy S Advance
  • Samsung i908 Omnia SGH-i908

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    Customer Reviews
       Louise .   23  May,  2011

    Works great...a no-brainer.

       Tyler .   03  Dec,  2011

    Works great and is an inexpensive accessory compared to ATT prices.

       Henry .   25  Dec,  2011

    Works well as advertised, great price too

       Rae .   15  Jan,  2012

    Works great, price is fantastic,shipping is fast. What more can I say?

       Tapio Nuutinen .   01  Mar,  2012


       Margarita .   30  May,  2012

    It is easy to use, however, it heats up within a short time of usage.

       ELBERT D LAGREW .   02  Oct,  2012

    Cellular Factory is now the ONLY place I buy my Cell Phone accessories from. This little charger is one reason. Cheap, nicely made and very functional. I use it daily on my 1+ hour to work Commute. You cannot go wrong. Highest endorsement!

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    Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 BlueAction BAE-825 Bluetooth Headset(Silver)
    For Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 : This BlueAction BAE-825 Bluetooth v2.1 Headset supports Bluetooth v2.1 and is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled mobiles phones!Its specially designed microphone can eliminate unwanted noise pollution... View
    SKU: 42135-776694

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    Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 PDA / Cell Phone Stand Holder Display (Transparent)
    For Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 : The universal display holder can display your cell phone or any accessories at the optimal angle. Transparent clear plastic construction will not affect the looks of the item being... See Info
    SKU: 46016-776690

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    Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 Universal AC to DC Converter / AC-DC Adapter-US
    For Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 : This Universal AC to DC Converter / AC-DC Adapter-US allows you to charge your iPods, cellular phones, PDAs or digital devices and other audio devices... See Details
    SKU: 17101-776697

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    Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 3-in-1 Retractable Charging/Data Cable(Blue)
    For Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 : 3-in-1 Retractable Charging/Data Cable utilizes a patented interlocking design that uniquely allows access to all 3 connectors giving you maximum compatibility for... Details
    SKU: 60158-776667

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    Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 Black Anti-Dust Plug Stopper
    For Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 : This is an earphone jack plug stopper for your device.The best choice to protect your device earphone dock from dust and water.

  • Protect your device... View Info
    SKU: 42515-776687

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