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Looking for Palm Pixi Plus (GSM) USB POWER ADAPTERS? Get them on SALE Today
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Product Summary
    For the Palm Pixi Plus (GSM) Cell Phone: Universal Mini USB Car Charger Adapter (Black) for you to use with your device.
    Use your car to charge any devices (digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones, USB accessories and more) that can rely on USB for power! This adapter plugs into your car's cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port.
    USB car charger adapter charges your PDA from any standard cigarette lighter in any vehicle. (Use together with USB charging cable. Not included)
    Patented circuit board designed to protect your valuable gadgets from short circuits.
    Fit all electronic appliances that use a USB charging cable.

    • Talk and Charge at the Same Time
    • Provides Unlimited Talk Time
    • Plugs Into Car's Cigarette Lighter
    • Engineered for Reliable Portable Power
    • Made with quality and precision

    Input: 12V - 24V
    Output: 5V / 700mA
    Color: Black
    Net weight: 0.6 oz

  • Shipping Weight:    0.60 oz
  • SKU: 40156-717815
    Location: S07-143

Compatible Palm Models

  • Palm Centro 685(GSM)
  • Palm Centro 690(CDMA)
  • Palm Pixi
  • Palm Pixi Plus (CDMA)
  • Palm Pixi Plus (GSM)
  • Palm Pre
  • Palm Pre 2
  • Palm Pre Plus (CDMA)
  • Palm Pre Plus (GSM)
  • Palm Treo 600
  • Palm Treo 650
  • Palm Treo 680
  • Palm Treo 700p
  • Palm Treo 700w
  • Palm Treo 700wx
  • Palm Treo 750
  • Palm Treo 755p
  • Palm Treo 800w
  • Palm Treo Pro 850 (CDMA)
  • Palm Treo Pro 850 (GSM)

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    Customer Reviews
       Louise .   23  May,  2011

    Works great...a no-brainer.

       Tyler .   03  Dec,  2011

    Works great and is an inexpensive accessory compared to ATT prices.

       Henry .   25  Dec,  2011

    Works well as advertised, great price too

       Rae .   15  Jan,  2012

    Works great, price is fantastic,shipping is fast. What more can I say?

       Tapio Nuutinen .   01  Mar,  2012


       Margarita .   30  May,  2012

    It is easy to use, however, it heats up within a short time of usage.

       ELBERT D LAGREW .   02  Oct,  2012

    Cellular Factory is now the ONLY place I buy my Cell Phone accessories from. This little charger is one reason. Cheap, nicely made and very functional. I use it daily on my 1+ hour to work Commute. You cannot go wrong. Highest endorsement!

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