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   Siemens S40 S-40 USB POWER ADAPTERS


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Product Summary
    For the Siemens S40 S-40 Cell Phone: Car Charger & Travel Charger USB Power Adapter for you to charger you digital device with USB cable((which does not come with the adapter)) without computer. It has both car charger, travel charger adapter. One product gets two function. You need not to get a car charger adapter and a travel charger adapter.

    • Use your car to charge any devices that can rely on USB for power!
    • Fit all electronic appliances that use a USB charging cable
    • Perfect travel accessory for vacations, long car trips, etc!

    Specifications :
    Input: DC 12-24V. AC 110-240V
    Output: 5V 1000mA
    Color: White
    Weight: 1.66 oz

  • Shipping Weight:    1.66 oz
  • SKU: 38648-715934
    Location: B08-149

Compatible Siemens Models

  • Siemens A50
  • Siemens A55
  • Siemens A56
  • Siemens A60
  • Siemens A62
  • Siemens A65
  • Siemens A75
  • Siemens C25
  • Siemens C35i
  • Siemens C45
  • Siemens C55
  • Siemens C56
  • Siemens C60
  • Siemens C61
  • Siemens C62
  • Siemens C66 C65
  • Siemens C70
  • Siemens C71
  • Siemens C75
  • Siemens CF110
  • Siemens CF62
  • Siemens CF63
  • Siemens CF75
  • Siemens CFX65
  • Siemens CL50
  • Siemens CL75
  • Siemens CT56
  • Siemens CT66
  • Siemens CV65
  • Siemens CX65
  • Siemens CX70
  • Siemens CX75
  • Siemens M35
  • Siemens M46
  • Siemens M50
  • Siemens M55
  • Siemens M56
  • Siemens M65
  • Siemens M75
  • Siemens MC60
  • Siemens MCT62
  • Siemens ME45
  • Siemens S25
  • Siemens S35
  • Siemens S40 S-40
  • Siemens S45 S-45
  • Siemens S46
  • Siemens S55
  • Siemens S56
  • Siemens S65
  • Siemens S66
  • Siemens S66
  • Siemens S75
  • Siemens SE47
  • Siemens SF65
  • Siemens SK65
  • Siemens SL42 SL45
  • Siemens SL55
  • Siemens SL56
  • Siemens SL65
  • Siemens SL75
  • Siemens SP65
  • Siemens ST55
  • Siemens ST60
  • Siemens SX1
  • Siemens SX56
  • Siemens SX66

  • Which Siemens phone model do you have?

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       Gary .   05  May,  2011

    Great little 2-in-1 unit. Works well.

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