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Product Summary
    For the Lg VOYAGER Cell Phone: Universal Screen Protector / Scratch Resistant Film (3 Pcs) for you to protect the screen of cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, camcorders perfectly from scratches, wear and damage.
    • Grid lines for display customization
    • Improves handwriting recognition
    • Protects against scratches
    • Anti-Glare
    • Dust repelling
    • Fingerprint free
    • Blocks 99% of UV emitted from an LCD screen

    3 x Customizable screen protector
    1 x Microfiber cloth

    Product Width: 2-3/8"
    Product Height: 3-3/16"
    Display Diagonal: 3-9/10" (3.9")

    1. Measure the display by placing the screen protector over device.
    2. Use the grid lines to measure the shape and size of the device display, and mark appropriately.
    3. Carefully cut along the marks.
    4. Clean the device screen with microfiber cloth provided. Do not use any cleaning agents.
    5. Peel and fold the grid backing (tab #1) about an inch away from the screen protector, making sure the sticky side is facing down toward your device. Do not touch the sticky side with your fingers as fingerprints cannot be removed.
    6. Align the screen protector with the device screen and gently apply the screen protector, working from one end to the other. For realignment, lift the screen protector (tab #2) and reapply.
    7. Remove tab #2 label from screen protector once it is properly aligned.
    8. Use the microfiber cloth to smooth away the bubbles from one end of the display to the other.

  • Shipping Weight:    1.23 oz
  • SKU: 38615-39361
    Location: UST-1231584795

Compatible Lg Models

  • Lg 1010
  • Lg 1100 L1100
  • Lg 1200 LX1200
  • Lg 510 TM510
  • Lg 5250 TP5250
  • Lg 5300I
  • Lg 5350 LX5350
  • Lg 5400
  • Lg 5450
  • Lg 600G
  • Lg 7050
  • Lg 7100
  • Lg 800g
  • Lg A340
  • Lg A7110
  • Lg AX-155
  • Lg AX-310 UX-310
  • Lg AX145 AX-145 AX-140
  • Lg AX245 AX-245
  • Lg AX275 AX-275
  • Lg AX300 UX300
  • Lg AX355 AX-355
  • Lg AX390 AX-390
  • Lg AX4270 AX-4270
  • Lg AX4750 AX-4750
  • Lg AX490 AX-490
  • Lg AX5000 AX-5000 UX5000
  • Lg AX585 Rhythm
  • Lg AX8600 AX-8600
  • Lg Accolade VX5600
  • Lg Ally VS740
  • Lg Apex US740 Axis
  • Lg Arena GT950
  • Lg Arena II KM570
  • Lg Axis AS740
  • Lg Banter AX265 UX265
  • Lg Banter Touch MN510
  • Lg Bliss UX700 UX-700
  • Lg C1100
  • Lg C1200
  • Lg C1300 C1300I
  • Lg C1500
  • Lg C2000
  • Lg C2200
  • Lg C3300
  • Lg C3310
  • Lg C3320
  • Lg C710 Aloha
  • Lg CE110
  • Lg CE500
  • Lg CF360
  • Lg CF750 Secret
  • Lg CG180
  • Lg CG225
  • Lg CG300
  • Lg CHOCOLATE 3 VX8560
  • Lg CHOCOLATE VX8500 VX-8500
  • Lg CHOCOLATE VX8550 VX-8550
  • Lg CP150
  • Lg CU320
  • Lg CU400
  • Lg CU500
  • Lg CU500V
  • Lg CU515
  • Lg CU720 Shine
  • Lg Chocolate BL40
  • Lg Chocolate Touch VX8575
  • Lg Clout VX8370
  • Lg Cookie 3G T320
  • Lg Cosmos 2 VN251
  • Lg Cosmos Touch VN270
  • Lg Cosmos VN250
  • Lg Crystal GD900
  • Lg DARE VX9700
  • Lg DECOY VX-8610
  • Lg DLite GD570
  • Lg DoublePlay Flip II
  • Lg E400 Optimus L3
  • Lg ENV TOUCH VX11000
  • Lg ENV2 VX-9100
  • Lg ENV3 VX9200 VX-9200
  • Lg Encore GT550
  • Lg Enlighten VS700
  • Lg Envoy UN150
  • Lg Esteem MS910
  • Lg Extravert VN271
  • Lg F2250
  • Lg F2400
  • Lg F7200
  • Lg F7250
  • Lg F9100
  • Lg F9200
  • Lg FLARE LX160 LX-160
  • Lg Fathom VS750
  • Lg G4010 G-4010
  • Lg G4015
  • Lg G4020
  • Lg G4050 G-4050
  • Lg G5400
  • Lg GB280
  • Lg GD310
  • Lg GD330
  • Lg GD350
  • Lg GD550
  • Lg GLIMMEER AX-830 AX-830
  • Lg GS106
  • Lg GS107
  • Lg GS155
  • Lg GS170
  • Lg GT540
  • Lg GU292
  • Lg GU295
  • Lg GW620
  • Lg GW910 Panther
  • Lg GX300
  • Lg GX500
  • Lg Genesis US760
  • Lg Glance VX7100 UX7100
  • Lg Ice Cream KF350
  • Lg Incite CT810
  • Lg KF310
  • Lg KG220
  • Lg KG225
  • Lg KG280
  • Lg KG320
  • Lg KG800 MG800C
  • Lg KG810
  • Lg KG920
  • Lg KP108
  • Lg KP500 Cookie
  • Lg KS365
  • Lg KU250
  • Lg L1150 L-1150
  • Lg L1200 L-1200
  • Lg L1400 L-1400
  • Lg L343I
  • Lg L5100
  • Lg LG Rumor Reflex LN272
  • Lg LX-400
  • Lg LX150 LX-150
  • Lg LX290
  • Lg LX325 LX-325
  • Lg LX350 LX-350
  • Lg LX5350 LX-5350
  • Lg LX545 LX-545
  • Lg LX550 LX-550
  • Lg LX5550 VX5550
  • Lg LX600 LOTUS
  • Lg Lollipop GD580
  • Lg Lotus Elite LX610
  • Lg Lyric Force LX370 UX-370 MT-375
  • Lg MM535 MM-535
  • Lg MUZIQ AX-565 UX-565
  • Lg MUZIQ LX570 LX-570
  • Lg Marquee LS855
  • Lg Maxx QWERTY (T-Mobile myTouch Q) C800
  • Lg Maxx Touch (T-Mobile myTouch)
  • Lg Mini GD880
  • Lg NEON GT365 TE365
  • Lg Neon II GW370 Rumour Plus
  • Lg Octane VN530
  • Lg Opera TV
  • Lg Optimus 2 AS680
  • Lg Optimus Chic E720
  • Lg Optimus Elite LS696
  • Lg Optimus M MS690
  • Lg Optimus Mach LU3000
  • Lg Optimus Me P350
  • Lg Optimus One P500
  • Lg Optimus Pro C660
  • Lg Optimus S LS670
  • Lg Optimus Sol E730
  • Lg Optimus T P509
  • Lg Optimus U US670
  • Lg Optimus V VM670
  • Lg P7200
  • Lg PM225 NX225
  • Lg Prada II KF900
  • Lg Prada KE850
  • Lg Prime GS390
  • Lg Quantum C900
  • Lg RUMOR LX260 UX260
  • Lg Remarq LN240 Imprint MN240
  • Lg Revere VN150
  • Lg Rumor Touch LN510
  • Lg Rumor Touch vm510
  • Lg Rumor2 LX265
  • Lg S5200
  • Lg SU420 Cafe
  • Lg Saber UN200
  • Lg Scarlet II TV GM600
  • Lg Select MN180
  • Lg Sentio GS505
  • Lg Shine II GD710
  • Lg Spyder II LG840
  • Lg Swift AX500
  • Lg T310
  • Lg TOWN C300
  • Lg TP 1100
  • Lg TP 5200
  • Lg Thrive Phoenix P506
  • Lg Trax CU575
  • Lg Tritan AX840 UX840
  • Lg Twilight GD510
  • Lg U300
  • Lg U400
  • Lg U8110
  • Lg U8120
  • Lg U8130
  • Lg U8138
  • Lg U8150
  • Lg U8180
  • Lg U8210
  • Lg U8290
  • Lg U8330
  • Lg U8360
  • Lg U8380
  • Lg U880
  • Lg U890
  • Lg UX220 220C
  • Lg VENUS VX8800 VX-8800
  • Lg VI125 VI-125
  • Lg VI5225 VI-5225
  • Lg VM-101 CM-101 LG102
  • Lg VOYAGER VX10K VX10000
  • Lg VX1 VX-1
  • Lg VX10 VX-10
  • Lg VX1000 VX-1000
  • Lg VX2000 VX-2000
  • Lg VX3100 VX-3100
  • Lg VX3200 VX-3200
  • Lg VX3300 VX-3300
  • Lg VX3400 VX-3400
  • Lg VX3450 VX-3450
  • Lg VX4400 VX-4400
  • Lg VX4500 VX-4500
  • Lg VX4600 VX-4600
  • Lg VX4650 VX-4650
  • Lg VX4700 VX-4700
  • Lg VX5200 VX-5200
  • Lg VX5300 VX-5300
  • Lg VX5400 VX-5400
  • Lg VX5500
  • Lg VX6000 VX-6000
  • Lg VX6100 VX-6100
  • Lg VX7000 VX-7000
  • Lg VX8000 VX-8000
  • Lg VX8100 VX-8100
  • Lg VX8300 VX-8300
  • Lg VX8350 VX-8350
  • Lg VX8360
  • Lg VX8600 VX-8600
  • Lg VX8700 VX-8700
  • Lg VX9400 VX-9400
  • Lg VX9800 VX9800M
  • Lg Versa VX9600
  • Lg Viewty Smile GT400
  • Lg Viewty Snap GM360
  • Lg Vortex VS660
  • Lg Vu CU920 CU915
  • Lg Vu Plus GR700
  • Lg WAVE AX380 AX-380
  • Lg Wine II UN430
  • Lg Wine UX-280
  • Lg Wink 3G T320
  • Lg Xenon GR500
  • Lg Xpression C395
  • Lg eXpo GW820
  • Lg enV VX9900 VX-9900

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    Customer Reviews
       dmitry .   29  Jun,  2010

    i have interess to your prodacts.

       ALVARO .   15  May,  2011

    this product is not made for this phone. If you use it you have to cut precise otherwise it comes off. Also the bubbles are very noticeable.

       Ron .   16  May,  2011

    Great product. Fits my HTC Desire perfectly.

       Sue .   27  Jun,  2011

    Thanks for the great deal!

       patricia .   18  Jul,  2011

    works very well to protect screen , pretty easy to use only thing is you have to cut to size

       Ronald .   24  Jul,  2011

    The screen protector seems to be working very well. I had trouble following the instructions applying the screen protector. I ended up cutting it to size using my own judgement without the aid of the instruction guide.

       carol .   03  Sep,  2011

    grid was crocked but it was easy to apply

       Richard .   23  Sep,  2011

    Worked as expected.

       Audrey .   01  Nov,  2011

    It was easy to cut the screen protector to the shape of my screen. The screen protector is strong and works well.

       SANDI .   06  Dec,  2011


       john .   19  Dec,  2011

    These screens were very hard to work with and didnt go on smooth at all. I used the inclosed cardboard squeege card so much that I ruined it. still left bubbles under the film.

       Lawrence .   27  Jan,  2012

    The Item was received quickly and the people were Proffesional.Screen protectors work great...

       Robert .   15  Feb,  2012

    Good product for the LCD on my Canon EOS 30 d. EZ to cut and EZ to apply. I have a couple of extra for my other cameras. Price was good and shipment was quick and efficient. I will purchase from vendor again. Good email interaction. Bob, Fort Myers

       Renee .   26  Feb,  2012

    I f you invest in a new camera, you should get a screen protector. Easy to use.

       rex .   12  Mar,  2012

    Thanks for the great service.

       rex .   19  Mar,  2012

    I liked the personal service I received and the great value.

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