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   Motorola V220 CAR MOUNTS & HOLDERS


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Product Summary
    For the Motorola V220 Cell Phone: SUMMARY:
    Secure your PDA, GPS device, MP3 or MP4 player to your windshield or dashboard with this Universal Car Mount/Holder. You can adjust the car mount to eye-level to ensure safe driving, while easily accessing your device.

    • Securely attaches to your windshield, dashboard or any smooth surface
    • Compatible with cell phones, PDAs, GPS devices, MP3 or MP4 players from 1-3/4" to 4-1/2" wide
    • Varying directional positioning and adjustments are made easy with the tightening ball-and-socket joint
    • Suction cup for solid positioning on the windshield or dashboard, and quick release tab for easy removal
    • Cushioned arms grip device securely

    • Suction cup with attached, tightening ball-and-socket joint
    • Adjustable device cradle
    • Photo insert on cradle

    Product Height: Adjustable from 4" to 4-7/8"
    Product Width: Adjustable from 1-3/4" to 4-1/2"
    Product Weight: 5.01 oz
    Product Color: Black
    Photobox Specs: 2-3/4" x 1-11/16"


    Mounting on glass or smooth surface:
    Align the prong located on the suction cup base with the notch on the back of the cradle. Insert the prong and slide up until unit clicks. Locate a smooth surface and clean the surface thoroughly where suction cup will be mounted. For best results, use an alcohol pad to remove any oil or dirt. Allow to dry completely. Moisten suction cup and apply the base to the surface of the cleaned area. Snap the latch located on the base to lock it into place.

    Securing and releasing your device:
    Push and hold the button on the right side of the cradle until the width is larger than your device. Rest your device on the cradle ledge and then squeeze both side arms of the cradle until your device is secure. DO NOT MANUALLY PULL APART THE CRADLE ARMS. USE THE BUTTON ON THE RIGHT TO RELEASE YOUR DEVICE.

    Inserting a picture:
    Push the crystal face from the bottom of the cradle and slide it up. Photo box accommodates pictures up to 2-3/4" x 1-11/16". To replace the crystal cover, insert bottom-first by aligning the cover with the tracks on the cradle and slide down into cradle until it locks into place.

  • Shipping Weight:    5.01 oz
  • SKU: 36961-84173
    Location: B06-120

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    Product Q&A

    Have a question about this product? Just click the link below and we will get back to you with the answer shortly.

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    Customer Reviews
       Clinton .   02  Jul,  2011

    Very nice phone holder for my car. I actually screwed it down near my ash tray and it holds my Verizon Incredible phone very snug. I have access to the charger port and a short wire hooks it to my radio. Easy to adjust and nice and small.

       susan .   18  Sep,  2011

    Very easy to navigate on web site. Fast processing & arrival of merchandise with excellent followup on order

       John .   18  Nov,  2011

    does a wonderfull job.

       Carrie .   02  Dec,  2011

    LoVe It......does EXACTLY what it said it would do....i actually mounted it to my windshield b/c it wouldn't stick to my dashboard....but love it...great product!!! great purchase as always from Cellular factory, that why i always come back. -Carrie

       Rigoberto .   20  Dec,  2011

    I Love how this item works for me. I just put my Iphone in the holder and press speaker and I am ready to drive, (Hands free) I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks.

       John .   27  Dec,  2011

    Works really good!

       C .   30  Dec,  2011

    Was not originally advertised as an iPod mount but I can tell you this. The suction is great except in cold weather. The rubber gets hard you will have to warm it up before using. 2 biggest issues: I measured my 2nd phone and it should have been able to be held, it doesn't, the grip don't close around it and because the arm is too short I can't attach it to my windshield. I use it on my door window instead. Will not stick to dash. Its good for larger phones (smartphone) not older candybar phones, bad for using on the windshield. If the arm was longer it would be a better product, more universal.

       Keith .   03  Feb,  2012

    Gets the job done, for an affordable price.

       Lois .   11  Mar,  2012

    MOTOROLA CELL PHONE CAR MOUNT - Great seller, great product.

       James .   15  Mar,  2012

    Stuck it to the windshield of my truck a couple weeks ago, hasn’t fallen off. So far it’s been very good.

       Teresa .   26  Mar,  2012

    This Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Car mount just rocks!!! I mounted this holder right onto my windshield because I use the gps software on my epic phone daily...and the holder has given me no issues whatsoever. Not only does the holder securely hold my phone ...but it places the gps and other fuctions of the phone right at my fingertips. I would recommend this holder to anyone who is interested.

       Donald .   17  Apr,  2012

    This is the best value and the most convenient holder I have ever found. I use this in the commercial vehicle that I drive and am VERY impressed by how good it holds the phone.

       Donald .   29  Apr,  2012

    for the money this ius a very handy holder. I put one in every vehicle I pwn. By putting the phone on speaker I can talk and keep both hands free to stay on the wheel. I give this a 5 star rating. Thank You.

       Scott .   19  May,  2012

    Nice holder, works well. I tried to use suction cup mount on dash with a smooth disk that I have had on my car for my Garmin. Due to the angle of the dash, it would not angle down as far as my Garmin mount did. I just fixed it to my windshield. I use it to hold my iPhone and put it sideways for panoramic view. Really like the ability to fold the feet up when I use it this way. If I want it back, I just fold them out. Been durable so far.

       Arnab .   24  Aug,  2012

    It was a good buy for me for the kind of thing I wanted.

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