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Product Summary
    For the Htc Tilt 2 (AT&T) Cell Phone: Secure your PDA, GPS device, MP3 or MP4 player to your windshield or dashboard with this Universal Car Mount/Holder. You can adjust the car mount to eye-level to ensure safe driving, while easily accessing your device.

    • Securely attaches to your windshield, dashboard or any smooth surface
    • Compatible with cell phones, PDAs, GPS devices, MP3 or MP4 players from 1-9/16" to 4-5/16" wide
    • Varying directional positioning and adjustments are made easy with the flexible gooseneck pedestal
    • Suction cup for solid positioning on the windshield or dashboard, and quick release tab for easy removal
    • Cushioned arms grip device securely
    • Suction cup with attached, flexible gooseneck pedestal
    • Adjustable device cradle
    • Photo insert on cradle
    Product Height: Adjustable up to 10-1/4"
    Product Width: Adjustable from 1-9/16" to 4-5/16"
    Product Weight: 6.1 oz
    Product Color: Black
    Photobox Specs: 2-3/4" x 1-11/16"


    Mounting on glass or smooth surface:
    Align the prong on the gooseneck pedestal with the notch on the back of the cradle. Insert the prong and slide up until unit clicks. Locate a smooth surface and clean the surface thoroughly where suction cup will be mounted. For best results, use an alcohol pad to remove any oil or dirt. Allow to dry completely. Moisten suction cup and apply the base to the surface of the cleaned area. Snap the latch located on the base to lock it into place. To release the unit from a surface, pull the two tabs on the latch to loosen the suction cup.

    Securing and releasing your device:
    Push and hold the button on the right side of the cradle until the width is larger than your device. Rest your device on the cradle ledge and then squeeze both side arms of the cradle until your device is secure. DO NOT MANUALLY PULL APART THE CRADLE ARMS. USE THE BUTTON ON THE RIGHT TO RELEASE YOUR DEVICE.

    Inserting a picture:
    Push the crystal face from the bottom of the cradle and slide it up. Photo box accommodates pictures up to 2-3/4" x 1-11/16" . To replace the crystal cover, insert bottom-first by aligning the cover with the tracks on the cradle and slide down into cradle until it locks into place.

  • Shipping Weight:    6.01 oz
  • SKU: 32268-371818
    Location: B02-109

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    Customer Reviews
       Well .   01  Apr,  2009

    The suction cup does not stick to the Windshield firmly. Not satisfied with the item.

       Nikki C .   12  May,  2009

    I'm so glad I bought this for my car, coz it allows me to answer calls while driving

       Alan .   08  May,  2011

    great comunication fast delivery thanks

       David .   21  Jul,  2011

    its good but sometime on bumpy roads its hard to read number of people calling you

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