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Product Summary
    For the Lg VX9800 Cell Phone: This 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female Handsfree Headset Adapter / Speaker Adaptor is for you to convert your handsfree with 3.5mm headset jack to a handsfree with a 2.5mm headset jack in an easy way.
    Headset / Speaker Adaptor converts your cell phone's own audio output into universal 3.5mm output, and it is for you to connect your cell phone to external speakers or stereo headphones.

  • Enables connect your cell phone with any 2.5mm headjack to any stereo headphones / earphones, speakers or sound system with a standard audio 3.5mm input jack.
  • One end of this Stereo Headset / Speaker Adaptor is a Fastport connector which plugs into your cell phone; the other end is a female 3.5mm jack.
  • Adapter allows connection to any 3.5mm stereo headphone and portable speaker.
  • Tested to be compatible with Most Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Sanyo cell phones and other Audio devices with standard 2.5 mm audio socket

    Color: Black
    Length: 4 inch
    2.5mm male to 3.5mm female

  • Shipping Weight:    0.50 oz
  • SKU: 30721-441437
    Location: S34-130

Compatible Lg Models

  • Lg 1010
  • Lg 1100 L1100
  • Lg 1200 LX1200
  • Lg 510 TM510
  • Lg 5250 TP5250
  • Lg 5350 LX5350
  • Lg 5400
  • Lg 5450
  • Lg A7110
  • Lg AX-155
  • Lg AX-310 UX-310
  • Lg AX145 AX-145 AX-140
  • Lg AX245 AX-245
  • Lg AX275 AX-275
  • Lg AX300 UX300
  • Lg AX355 AX-355
  • Lg AX390 AX-390
  • Lg AX4270 AX-4270
  • Lg AX4750 AX-4750
  • Lg AX490 AX-490
  • Lg AX5000 AX-5000 UX5000
  • Lg Accolade VX5600
  • Lg Banter AX265 UX265
  • Lg Bliss UX700 UX-700
  • Lg C1100
  • Lg C1300 C1300I
  • Lg C1500
  • Lg C2000
  • Lg CE500
  • Lg CG225
  • Lg CG300
  • Lg CU320
  • Lg CU400
  • Lg CU500
  • Lg Clout VX8370
  • Lg Cosmos VN250
  • Lg DECOY VX-8610
  • Lg ENV2 VX-9100
  • Lg ENV3 VX9200 VX-9200
  • Lg Envoy UN150
  • Lg F7200
  • Lg F9100
  • Lg F9200
  • Lg FLARE LX160 LX-160
  • Lg G4010 G-4010
  • Lg G4015
  • Lg G4020
  • Lg G4050 G-4050
  • Lg GLIMMEER AX-830 AX-830
  • Lg Glance VX7100 UX7100
  • Lg KG800 MG800C
  • Lg L1150 L-1150
  • Lg L1200 L-1200
  • Lg L1400 L-1400
  • Lg LX-400
  • Lg LX150 LX-150
  • Lg LX290
  • Lg LX325 LX-325
  • Lg LX350 LX-350
  • Lg LX5350 LX-5350
  • Lg LX550 LX-550
  • Lg LX5550 VX5550
  • Lg LX600 LOTUS
  • Lg Lotus Elite LX610
  • Lg Lyric Force LX370 UX-370 MT-375
  • Lg MM535 MM-535
  • Lg MUZIQ AX-565 UX-565
  • Lg MUZIQ LX570 LX-570
  • Lg Octane VN530
  • Lg PM225 NX225
  • Lg RUMOR LX260 UX260
  • Lg Remarq LN240 Imprint MN240
  • Lg Revere VN150
  • Lg Rumor2 LX265
  • Lg Swift AX500
  • Lg UX220 220C
  • Lg VENUS VX8800 VX-8800
  • Lg VI125 VI-125
  • Lg VI5225 VI-5225
  • Lg VM-101 CM-101 LG102
  • Lg VOYAGER VX10K VX10000
  • Lg VX1 VX-1
  • Lg VX10 VX-10
  • Lg VX1000 VX-1000
  • Lg VX2000 VX-2000
  • Lg VX3100 VX-3100
  • Lg VX3200 VX-3200
  • Lg VX3300 VX-3300
  • Lg VX3400 VX-3400
  • Lg VX3450 VX-3450
  • Lg VX4400 VX-4400
  • Lg VX4500 VX-4500
  • Lg VX4600 VX-4600
  • Lg VX4650 VX-4650
  • Lg VX4700 VX-4700
  • Lg VX5200 VX-5200
  • Lg VX5300 VX-5300
  • Lg VX5400 VX-5400
  • Lg VX5500
  • Lg VX6000 VX-6000
  • Lg VX6100 VX-6100
  • Lg VX7000 VX-7000
  • Lg VX8000 VX-8000
  • Lg VX8300 VX-8300
  • Lg VX8350 VX-8350
  • Lg VX8360
  • Lg VX9800 VX9800M
  • Lg Versa VX9600
  • Lg Wine UX-280
  • Lg enV VX9900 VX-9900

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    Customer Reviews
       Jeffrey .   01  Apr,  2009

    Minimal signal loss and good sound quality. I've used the built-in speaker only occasionally. It is not as good as my dedicated headset, but it's more than sufficient. The convenience makes this feature worth the price difference compared with similar products that lack this feature, such as Nokia 6250 Stereo Converter/Adapter. Cables not broke after half year use, this made me feel regretted.

       Chasey .   09  May,  2009

    This Headset Adapter works in such a way I explore music in a different dimension. I play my music files from my phone through my home theatre by using this 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female Headset Adapter / Speaker Adaptor.

       Dan .   01  Sep,  2009

    I ordered two of these for use with my RIM BlackBerry 8820 so I could use my Etymotic headphones. The male 2.5mm jack appears very close, but it does not seat in the jack easily and does not transition the sound from the BlackBerry speaker to the headphone jack. I am returning mine..

       Michael .   01  Jun,  2011

    This adaptor is small enough to fit in the jack properly (not all adaptors are) and works well.

       Chris Napolitano .   11  Jul,  2011

    Product is a 4-5 star... works as it is described. Make sure you match your phone with the cable. It seems they are proprietary in some respect. BUT, speaking about They are unwilling to make reasonable accommodations for mistakes THEY have made. They messed up my order and then 2 week later I checked in for status and they informed me that they had canceled the order because of an error in their billing. Then they had the gall to imply that I pressed the back button and messed up the order. Lying and disregard appears to be's middle name. However, in their defense, I was directed to reorder the product and get a 10% discount. I informed the customer services person that I had already found a 20% discount and I would like a discount above what ANYONE was able to have. I informed them that it was insulting and ridiculous what they were proposing. Despite my efforts to have them resolve the issue and keep me as a future customer... they refused... all for about $1 of discount. Do not expect customer service... but the product (if it reaches you) are good. Proceed with caution....

       Sylvia .   28  Jul,  2011

    Product fits perfect and works great. Order received in a timely manner - excellent transaction. Thanks

       erick .   11  Aug,  2011

    I was really impressed with the adaptability of the device. And I also used it for other ports that doesn't fit my headphones.

       Barbara .   02  Apr,  2012

    Was as described fast service

       DARYL .   20  Aug,  2012

    for my tdd

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