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   Utstarcom GTX75 MICRO SD CARDS

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Product Summary
    For the Utstarcom GTX75 Cell Phone: This SanDisk 8 GB MicroSDHC / TransFlash Card w/SD Adapter is for you to expand the memory capacity for your compatible device like cell phone, PDAs, digital camera, music players, and more cool device that is with a microSD card slot available.
    It is ideal for storing media-rich files such as music, videos, and photographs.

  • High storage capacity for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more
  • Slot compatibility: MicroSDHC, TransFlash, or full size SD when used with an adaptor
  • Comes with a Secure Digital /SD card adapter with lock which enables use the card as a SD card for multimedia applications such as digital cameras, and more
  • Fast transfer rate for reliable copy, download, back-up.
  • This MicroSDHC / TransFlash card is compatible with all MicroSD/TransFlash cell phone and more cool devices.

    Memory Capacity: 8 GB
    Brand: SanDisk
    Product Weight: 0.2 oz

    IMPORTANT NOTE: 8 GB is the physical memory storage capacity, actual available memory capacity is little smaller because of pre-setting card system files.
    Holding by the edges, insert memory card into digital device slot. Do not apply pressure to the center of the card.
    Memory can only be inserted one way. Refer to your device's user manual for instructions.

  • Shipping Weight:    1.00 oz
  • SKU: 30200-162486
    Location: S36-113

Compatible Utstarcom Models

  • Utstarcom G zOne Boulder
  • Utstarcom GTX75

  • Which Utstarcom phone model do you have?

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    Customer Reviews
       Lisa W .   18  May,  2009

    Hey! these memory card is worth appreciating. Now I don't need to worry about the storage capacity of my card while I upload music or games in my cell. the more interesting fact, I can use it in other digital device also.

       Vento K .   09  May,  2009

    I have been very much impressed. It

       Milon C .   18  May,  2009

    I gifted it to my brother as i wanted to have a song bank in his cell. Very fast data reading, small in size. Adapter is good but its very light,so one must handle it with care.

       DKN .   29  Jun,  2009

    Think twice before you buy a microSD card with 8GB memory capacity. If you think you really need a 8GB TF card, get it. Or you can choose other options like 2GB, 1GB.

       GarrenLWalters .   20  Jun,  2011

    great delivery= product works as it should.

       james f oconnell .   23  Jul,  2011

    Good buisness !

       Andrew .   01  Aug,  2011

    Works great for transferring data from non smart phones.

       Linda .   22  Aug,  2011

    Exactly what I needed.

       Peyton .   16  Dec,  2011

    Quick delivery, great price

       Melvina .   22  Dec,  2011

    This was delivered before the due date. I saved by purchasing this micro sd card from this company. I was happy that I found this website. I will be ordering again. And I have told all my family members and friends about the money you can save by shopping here. Melvina

       Angela .   04  Jan,  2012

    Awesome product. Easy to use with my phone to expand memory. Able to take micro out of phone and use the adapter to use in photo machine at CVS to print pictures. Best price then any local store. I LOVE CELLULARFACTORY.COM!!!!!

       William .   30  Jan,  2012

    Item was as advertised. Quality brand name product. Fair price. Arrived quickly and well packaged. Works well.

       Helen .   26  Mar,  2012

    I have had purchased the Lg Rumor2 MICRO SD CARDS machine to replace the one I had lost. I can load it into my Lg Rumor2 phone and computer with little effort. transferring the photos with has never been an issue.

       Melchie Tiro .   13  Jun,  2012

    may i know the classification of this item?

       Athena .   17  Jun,  2012

    So far so good. No problems here.

       wayne .   23  Jun,  2012

    good product GREAT PRICE and fast shipping ... could not ask for any more A+++

       Gerald .   11  Aug,  2012

    it was well worth the price

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