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Product Summary
    For the Samsung Epix Cell Phone: The USB Charging data cable serves as an ideal link between your cell phone and your computer. In order for your computer to recognize your cell phone, you need to install the correct driver on your computer.
    If your install cellphone software suite, you could download and backup /transfer photos, phone lists, screen savers, music, ringtones and schedules to and from a computer. Please note that the cellphone official websites often offers free download of the software for your cell phone. You could simply go to your cell phone brand (like LG, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson and so on) official website, and download the software for your cellphone.

  • Charging Data Cable serves as the connector between the cell phone and a computer
  • This Charging Data Cable supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 connections
  • You can backup your phonebook and contacts, organize your pictures and music files, download pictures, music, ringtones and games between your computer and cell phone with appropriate software
  • This Charging Data Cable supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 connections

    Color: Black
    Length of the cord: approximately 3.3 ft
    NOTE: Software not included.

    1.Third-party or online software may be needed in order for the users to transfer/edit pictures, ring tones, and/or manage the phone book, calendar, and text message/SMS on some OS. Refer to your cell phone manual for more details about the data cable.
    2. Whether the USB Data Cable can facilitate internet access for your computer, synchronize with Microsoft Outlook or other sync applications depends on your phone, service provider and software.
    3. Some cellphones need drivers for data transferring. Please contact the custom service of cellphone manufacture to get the driver.

  • Shipping Weight:    0.93 oz
  • SKU: 24342-122930
    Location: B04-233

Compatible Samsung Models

  • Samsung A107 SGH-A107
  • Samsung A117 SGH-A117
  • Samsung A137 SGH-A137
  • Samsung A167 SGH-A167
  • Samsung A227 A226 SGH-A227 A226
  • Samsung A237 SGH-A237
  • Samsung A517 SGH-A517
  • Samsung A637 SGH-A637
  • Samsung A657 SGH-A657
  • Samsung A737 SGH-A737 SGH-A736
  • Samsung A777 SGH-A777
  • Samsung A837 RUGBY A837
  • Samsung ACCESS A827 SGH-A827
  • Samsung ACE I325 SPH-I325
  • Samsung Axle R311 SCH-R311
  • Samsung B3310
  • Samsung BEHOLD T919 SGH-T919
  • Samsung BLACKJACK II I617 SGH-I617
  • Samsung BYLINE R310 SCH-R310
  • Samsung Blast T729 SGH-T729
  • Samsung Comeback T559 SGH-t559
  • Samsung Convoy U640 SCH-U640
  • Samsung D980 Duos
  • Samsung Delve R800 SCH-R800
  • Samsung ETERNITY A867 SGH-A867
  • Samsung FIN SPH-A513
  • Samsung FINESSE R810 SCH-R810
  • Samsung FLIPSHOT U900 SCH-U900
  • Samsung G600
  • Samsung GLEAM U700 SCH-U700
  • Samsung GRAVITY T459 SGH-T459
  • Samsung Gloss U440 SCH-U440
  • Samsung Glyde 2
  • Samsung Gravity 2 T469 T404
  • Samsung HUE R500 SCH-R500
  • Samsung Highlight T749 SGH-T749
  • Samsung Hue II R600 SCH-R600
  • Samsung I907 SGH-I907 Epix
  • Samsung INSTINCT M800 SPH-M800
  • Samsung Impression A877 SGH-A877
  • Samsung Instinct S30 SPH-M810
  • Samsung Intensity U450 SCH-U450
  • Samsung JUKE U470 SGH-U470
  • Samsung Jack I637 SGH-I637
  • Samsung JetSet R550 SCH-R550
  • Samsung KATALYST T739 SGH-T739
  • Samsung KNACK U310 SCH-U310
  • Samsung M300 SPH-M300
  • Samsung M510 SPH-M510
  • Samsung M520 SPH-M520
  • Samsung M8800 Pixon
  • Samsung MYSHOT R430 SCH-R430
  • Samsung MYSTO A523 SPH-A523
  • Samsung Magnet SGH-A257 SGH-A177
  • Samsung Mantra M340 SPH-M340
  • Samsung Memoir T929 SGH-T929
  • Samsung Messenger R450 SCH-R450 SCH-R451C
  • Samsung Omnia I910 SCH-I910
  • Samsung Omnia Pro B7320
  • Samsung P520 SGH-P520
  • Samsung Propel A767 SGH-A767
  • Samsung Propel Pro I627 SGH-I627
  • Samsung R200 SCH-R200
  • Samsung R211 SCH-R211
  • Samsung R300 SCH-R300
  • Samsung R400 SCH-R400
  • Samsung R410 SCH-R410
  • Samsung R610 SCH-R610
  • Samsung RENOWN U810 SCH-U810
  • Samsung Rogue U960 SCH-U960
  • Samsung S3600
  • Samsung S3650 Corby
  • Samsung SLASH M310 SPH-M310
  • Samsung SLM A747 SGH-A747
  • Samsung SPEX R210A
  • Samsung SWAY U650 SCH-U650
  • Samsung Saga I770 SCH-I770
  • Samsung Smooth U350 SCH-U350
  • Samsung Solstice A887 SGH-A887
  • Samsung Star S5230
  • Samsung Sunburst A697 SGH-A697
  • Samsung T101g SGH-T101g
  • Samsung T109 SGH-T109
  • Samsung T119 SGH-T119
  • Samsung T139 SGH-T139
  • Samsung T201g SGH-T201g
  • Samsung T229 SGH-T229
  • Samsung T239 SGH-T239
  • Samsung T301g SGH-T301g
  • Samsung T339 SGH-T339
  • Samsung T349 SGH-T349
  • Samsung T409 SGH-T409
  • Samsung T429 SGH-T429
  • Samsung T439 SGH-T439
  • Samsung T539 SGH-T539
  • Samsung T636 SGH-T636
  • Samsung T639 SGH-T639
  • Samsung T659 SGH-t659
  • Samsung T819 SGH-T819
  • Samsung Tint R420 SCH-R420
  • Samsung TracFone T401g SGH-T401g
  • Samsung Trance U490 SCH-U490
  • Samsung Trill R520 SCH-R520
  • Samsung U430 SCH-U430
  • Samsung U706 SCH-U706
  • Samsung U940 SCH-U940 GLYDE
  • Samsung Zeal Alias 2 SCH-U750
  • Samsung i908 Omnia SGH-i908

  • Which Samsung phone model do you have?

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    Customer Reviews
       Dav .   30  May,  2009

    The connector of the data cable fits my INSTINCT, however, my only suggest is that: if you are not a geek or do not somewhere else to get the data cable support and work, you may want to confirm before buying this.
    Driver installed on PC really takes time and effort.
    Ask the seller for tech support.

       Robert .   16  May,  2011

    fast and easy to deal with.

       Merlyn .   20  May,  2011

    Works fine but over priced!

       tHOMAS .   23  May,  2011

    Inexpensive, fast shipping and it works. Hard to ask for a lot more. P.S. The email communication was just great too,.

       jeffrey w. martin .   05  Jun,  2011

    works great but phone part of cable is hard to push into phone !!!!!!

       Taiyeb .   23  Jun,  2011

    Good product for a great price. Thanks Cellular Factory.

       Miroslav .   19  Aug,  2011

    No problems, fast shipping

       Ron .   27  Aug,  2011

    Just what I wanted and delivered sooner than promised.

       Raymond .   04  Sep,  2011

    The correct product at a very reasonable price. Shipping was prompt.

       Michele .   09  Sep,  2011

    Purchased these cables to move data from my old Propel onto my laptop. No hassle, easy to use, and my data was restored. Ordering online was also easy and I am very satisfied with customer service, shipment and delivery of my product.

       John .   14  Sep,  2011

    As always, packaged and shipped safely and arrived on time. Cable products selected from manufactures by CellularFactory are always quality items. Thanks.

       Kay .   15  Sep,  2011

    sorry does not do what I wanted to do...I am trying to download pictures from the phone to a computer and this doesn't seem to work, unless I am missing something???

       xiping .   21  Sep,  2011

    The product is good and the delivery is fast.

       Jacquelyn .   26  Sep,  2011

    I received this USB data cable in new condition and was pleased with it. Works great. I received it quickly. Would order from your company again. Thank you.

       FLOYD L .   27  Sep,  2011

    Worked perfectly. Thank you all.

       Owen .   21  Nov,  2011

    Hey, The Samsung A737 USB data cable worked great. P;uged into my phone and into my computer and was able to download all the photos that I had been saving.

       Philip R .   27  Nov,  2011

    Nice cable that works very well over and over

       William .   24  Dec,  2011

    Rec'd on schedule. Item works as it should.

       Birdie .   13  Feb,  2012

    great. no problems

       Luis .   20  Jun,  2012

    I was happy with the product and speed arrival. will order again soon and in the future.

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