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Product Summary
    For the Lg VX8300 Cell Phone: This LG OEM LGIP-A1100E SBPL0082301/ SBPL0082101/ OEM Lithium-Ion Cell Phone Battery (1100 mAh) is for you to keep as an extra power source for your cell phone device.
    Keep an extra battery for your cell phone handy at home, in the office or on your travel.

    • High Capacity reliable OEM Lithium-Ion Battery rated at 1100 mAh
    • Expect to Approx. Double Your Talk and Standby Times
    • OEM battery for you to keep as a reliable extra power source handy
    • Advanced lithium-ion technology keeps phone working at optimum performance.

    Output Voltage: 3.7 V
    Battery Type: OEM Internal battery
    Battery Model: SBPL0082301/ SBPL0082101/ LGIP-A1100
    Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
    Estimated talk & standby time: to 5 days standby time and 3.5-4 hours talk time
    NOTE: Actual performance and standby time vary depending on user habits.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The battery operation time depends on conditions such as: Transmitting power level, Signal (distance between the phone and the base station), and Network parameters defined by the operator

  • Shipping Weight:    0.08 oz
  • SKU: 21839-14425
    Location: S70-168

Compatible Lg Models

  • Lg AX4270 AX-4270
  • Lg AX4750 AX-4750
  • Lg AX5000 AX-5000 UX5000
  • Lg LX325 LX-325
  • Lg MM535 MM-535
  • Lg VX3200 VX-3200
  • Lg VX3300 VX-3300
  • Lg VX3400 VX-3400
  • Lg VX3450 VX-3450
  • Lg VX4650 VX-4650
  • Lg VX4700 VX-4700
  • Lg VX5200 VX-5200
  • Lg VX5300 VX-5300
  • Lg VX6100 VX-6100
  • Lg VX8100 VX-8100
  • Lg VX8300 VX-8300

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    Customer Reviews
       Aric .   20  Jun,  2011

    Works great, came in the amount of time stated.

       patricia m patt .   07  Jul,  2011

    ordered this battery after checking out all the others and checking at Verizon too. this battery was the most reasonable in price, shipping was low or free. It arrived very quickly which was a definite plus because the cell phone was down until it arrived. I would definitely shop this site again for cell phone parts.

       Paul .   12  Sep,  2011

    battery was the exact same one for my old cell phone and was shipped in a timely order.

       Jerry .   05  Oct,  2011

    I was happy to find exact replacement for factory battery. Very pleased.

       lody .   28  Oct,  2011

    just as advertised with very fast and professional service thanks L.P.

       Gary .   10  Nov,  2011

    Great service and price. Battery was less than half the price we paid 2 yrs ago.

       Gordon .   23  Nov,  2011

    Quick delivery, received 2 days after ordering. Reasonably fresh, 9 months old.

       regina .   14  Dec,  2011

    i was pleased with my product and it was delivered in a timely manor thanks regina

       Mary .   10  Mar,  2012

    Thanks so much for such fast efficient service on a hard to find product. I could not find this phone battery anywhere else. Great price, also. Please keep providing services like this for those of us who want to keep our cell phones and not upgrade to a product we do not want. As many senior citizens will tell you, we usually just want to make calls on our cell phones and do not want or need all the new apps.

       Kathleen Bledsoe .   27  Mar,  2012

    good product, quick shipping, great price. So easy to order from this website. This is the second battery I've ordered like this. I have two phones, new battery lets them hold a charge just like when they were new.

       Curtis .   13  Apr,  2012

    Good value.

       Arden .   25  May,  2012

    Excellent price and delivery of the cell phone battery. The replacement put the phone back to its reserve and talking times.

       jessie .   20  Jun,  2012

    I received the battery from you and it appeared to be fine. Before placing in phone it was accidently washed and did not work. I replied to Brian and received no reply!!! I called to order another and you had none in stock. I have ordered from another source. Why did Brian!! not reply. Very poor public relations. Remove me from any contact lists.

       RICHARD .   10  Aug,  2012

    This battery has brought my cell phone back to life. I was not happy with the assortment of new phones as I need only a basic phone and not any of the bels and wistles. The phone operates as it did when new. Thank you!

       Robert .   03  Sep,  2012

    the Lg VX5300 Battery was a perfect fit for my cell phone, and has my cell phone working like has won my trust and I shall continue to purchase replacement batteries from Cellular Factory. Bob Zeiler

       Andrew .   04  Sep,  2012

    Took a while to get it going thru DHL, then USPS. Battery works as intended.No billing or other issues. Professionally handled

       Judy .   01  Oct,  2012

    great service and fast delivery.

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