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APPLE iPhone 4S
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   1500mAh White Extension Battery/Extended Battery


The Weekly Deal is Over.

The Weekly Deal is Over.

Product Summary
    This extension battery (white, 1500 mAh) is for you to keep as an extra power source for iPhone 4S /iPhone4.
    Keep an extra battery for your iPhone 4S handy at home, in the office or on your travel.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery rated at 1500 mAh
  • Expect to Approx. Double your talk and standby time
  • Extended battery as a case for you to keep as an extra power source handy
  • Case with battery charger that nearly doubles the life of your battery for your cell phone device.
  • This battery case is guaranteed to be compatible and work with your cell phone.

    Battery Type: extension battery
    Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
    Estimated talk & standby time: to 10 days standby time and Talk time: Up to 6 hours on 3G, Up to 13.3 hours on 2G. Internet Use: Up to 6 hours on 3G, Up to 10.6 hours on Wi-Fi. Audio play: Up to 36 hours. Video play: Up to 10.6 hours
    NOTE: Actual performance and standby time vary depending on user habits.


    The battery operation time depends on conditions such as: Transmitting power level, Signal (distance between the phone and the base station), and Network parameters defined by the operator

  • Netweight:   3.00
  • Item Number:   55518-S70-138

Some Compatible Models

  • APPLE iPhone 4S

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    Customer Reviews
       Noubar .   08  Apr,  2012

    excellent item. I'm using it as car cradle and charger. it is very convenient, and all of my passengers are impressed. it is a very cool thing.

       jack .   08  Apr,  2012

    This charger actually works better than I expected. And may be the best charger I've ever used. That doesn't mean it's perfect though. There are three issues. First and most important, there is almost zero drop-protection using this case/charger. A single accidental drop and either the phone or the charger is toast ... it's fairly obvious you won't get a second chance with this rig. This is a truly major blunder as the case is far harder to put on and take off than it would appear ... so it becomes your primary case. It adds weight too, so the impact on the ground will be even harder than normal. Secondly, the button that actually turns it on is really, really, really hard to use. I have to wonder how long it's going to last given the amount of pressure it takes to turn it on. Lastly, and least importantly, when the Apple iPhone special plug is inserted into it, it has to be inserted upside down. Why would they design it that way?

       edgar .   09  Apr,  2012

    My daughter loves it!

       chenxi .   09  Apr,  2012

    i already ordered it one and half month but, i still don't get it please tell me why!!!!!

       shashank r beesam .   09  Apr,  2012

    The item came on time. Everything was working well. Would recommend it to anyone. Instructions about this product was missing and it would be nice if they included it with the package.

       brenda .   18  Jul,  2012

    Pros:When my iphon is down to 20% battery, this thing will charge it up to 75% (while I am still using the phone), so I don't have to arty a charger around everywhere I go like every other iPhone 4 owner. Cons: people can't hear me as well when I make phone calls because it blocks the microphone somewhat, if I talk louder it fine... I am happy I bought this because I can actually use my phone all day without worrying about battery life!

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