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   2100mAh External Battery (Black)


The Weekly Deal is Over.

The Weekly Deal is Over.

Product Summary
    2100mAh External Portable Battery/Charger/Power Supply (Black)
    It is perfect method to charge digital devices via this product. It enables you charge your device everywhere even there is no power outlet.
    Sometime you get out for travelling, you could bring this external battery without worrying power absent. You need not carry a lot of chargers. Use this one product to replace many different chargers.
    It charges Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia cellphones , GPS, PSP with different tips.
  • Made of high class material. ABS plastic
  • DOD >500
  • One button to control
  • Automatic shut down
  • LED Light shows the battery capacity
  • Specification
    Weight: 55g (1.94 oz)
    Output Voltage: DC 5.35V
    Output Current: 700mA
    Capacity: 2100mAh
    Cable Length: 85cm (2.8 in)
    Battery Dimension: 89*55*17 mm (3 1/2 * 2 1/4 * 3/4 in)
    Package Dimension: 182 * 110 * 27 mm (7 1/8 * 4 3/8 * 1 in)
    1. Please charge the product first with the cable coming with
    2. Connect the product and digital device with compatible tip
    3. Press the button to start charging.

  • Netweight:   5.84
  • Item Number:   44611-B05-191

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Customer Reviews
   JOHN .   20  Jun,  2011

I was hoping for solar panel in stead of Chrager. works ok .

   earl t .   09  Jul,  2011

Worked very well for all of my devices.

   Carlos .   26  Aug,  2012

It was a long time of searching until I found this product and the more I use it the more I like it it is a great addition to my electronics specially when we are traveling that the battery seems to drain much faster. Keep coming with great products.

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