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Save big on Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD USB DATA CABLES CORDS. Get them on SALE Today
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   Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD Replacement USB Data Cable (Nikon UC-E6, Konica Minolta USB-2,USB-3,Pentax I-USB7,I-USB17,I-USB33,Olympus CB-USB7)

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Availability: Ships in 1-2 business days via USPS from Los Angeles. Most customers receive within 4-7 business days.

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Product Summary

    For the Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD Camera: Replacement USB Data Cable (Nikon UC-E6, Konica Minolta USB-2,USB-3,Pentax I-USB7,Pentax I-USB17,Pentax I-USB33,Olympus CB-USB7)for you to use to connect your digital device to your laptop, PC computer to transfer photos and other files that support by the digital device.
    The USB2.0 certified cable supports data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps and are fully backwards compatible with all USB 1.0 and 1.1 devices.
    Easy to use, plug and play. Or refer to your digital device provide to get the available software.
    Length: about 5.0 feet (1.50 m)

    Important notes
    1. Please turn on the camera so that the computer could recognize the camera.
    2. Some brand camera need extra software to work with. Please visit the official website to get the software.

  • SKU: 35618-310332
    Location: DD-129
  • Shipping Weight:    1.00 oz

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    Product Q&A

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    Customer Reviews
       George F .   27  Sep,  2009

    This cable is really robust. For me, it is cheap but a CLASS A quality. Kudos!!!

       Melinda .   13  May,  2011

    Wonderful product - had searched for this replacement on other sites and could not find at same price and availability.

       MARTIN .   14  May,  2011


       Kate .   21  May,  2011

    got my camera cord quickly. very happy with the purchase.

       LaShell .   30  May,  2011

    Fast shipping and great product. Thanks for the great service!

       Nathan .   02  Jun,  2011

    perfect replacement cable at a fair price.... what more could you ask for.

       Jonathan .   07  Jun,  2011

    These cables are not available at BEST BUY so, I figured I'd be hard pressed to find one that fit. This one fit perfectly. Great price and I got it fast. Thanks.

       Terry .   16  Jun,  2011

    Perfect, just as I wanted, as advertised, and received quickly. Thank you!

       Elonia .   30  Jun,  2011

    It worked!

       Gail .   10  Jul,  2011

    Exact replacement. Shipped promptly. No problems with seller or product.

       Regina .   02  Aug,  2011

    Fits perfectly, thank you so much for your quick shipping too!!

       Marlene .   06  Aug,  2011

    Fast shipment and the cable works the pix off my camera and on to my computer then printed some of they to share with others. Thanks so much

       Lewis .   11  Aug,  2011

    Worked great. No problems.Exactly what I needed.

       Susan .   15  Aug,  2011

    Great price, quick delivery, exactly what I needed. Would definitely order from here again. Thanks!

       Kerry .   22  Aug,  2011

    Great price, great service, fast delivery...

       Carol .   25  Aug,  2011

    This cable is just what I needed. Works great!!

       jerry criddle .   04  Sep,  2011

    Excellent service. I received it by us mail and like the way it looks. The one that came with my camera was too bulky, this one is great. I would recommend any one to use cellular factory website. The price of this data cable was excellent. Best of all the shipping charge was noting compared to what I expected. I will not forget the great quality of this site.

       Barbara .   09  Sep,  2011

    Exactly what I needed for my camera to replace the one I lost. Now I'm back in business with my picture taking.

       June .   14  Sep,  2011

    It works..:)

       Atsushi .   14  Sep,  2011

    The product is working well. Although there was a trouble in the shipping process, finally I was able to get it. I am almost satisfied with your service as well as the product.

       Obaidur .   14  Sep,  2011

    Very prompt service.

       Linda .   17  Sep,  2011

    Perfect! It was just what I needed and it got here very fast. Thank You

       Linda .   17  Sep,  2011

    Also, it was a GREAT price. Best thing of all.Thank you. Will use your Co. again

       Devyn .   18  Sep,  2011

    The...dur...package was shipped pronto, and dah ting was in minty condition. good joob.

       Brenda .   28  Sep,  2011

    The cord I received did not fit my camera - it was useless.....a waste of money. It was not even CLOSE to being a fit!

       frederick .   05  Oct,  2011

    easy website and quick shipping. thank you!

       peggy .   10  Oct,  2011

    great price

       Jim .   15  Oct,  2011

    It fi tand works. I have only had it a couple months.

       Don .   16  Oct,  2011

    this product works fine and was much less expensive than what the local Best Buy offered,which wanted to sell me something completely different and more complicated to use.When it comes to the digital equipment of today I'm pretty much of an idiot so I like to keep things pretty simple.Cellular Factory's service was great and I received my order in just a few days.

       Thomas .   17  Oct,  2011

    Great price. Fast delivery and the cable works great. Would suggest this website to a friend.

       Barbara .   20  Oct,  2011

    When I couldn't find the data cable for my Nikon S630, I chose to buy a new one from the cellular factory. The service was very fast, the product was great, and the price was perfect!

       dion .   20  Oct,  2011

    work well delivered on time

       Lynne .   27  Oct,  2011

    Works exactly as advertised - a perfect and inexpensive fix for a missing cable.

       Sally .   28  Oct,  2011

    Arrived on time met all my expectations

       lynnetta .   03  Nov,  2011

    works great glad i ordered here

       GLORIA .   07  Nov,  2011

    The purchase of the digital camera accessory to load onto a pc was needed. I was able to load my pictures thanks to this device that worked perfectly. Thanks so much Cellular Factory.

       mecedes de lluberes .   18  Nov,  2011


       Dorothy .   19  Nov,  2011

    Works great, received it quickly.

       Kenneth .   24  Nov,  2011

    excellant service,good price,quick delivery,and product was same as original

       Ronna .   29  Nov,  2011

    Product is exactly what was expected. Thanks

       faith .   08  Dec,  2011

    Great, fast shipping, and just what I needed.

       Teri .   10  Dec,  2011

    Good product. Thanks.

       Brunetta Lafara .   27  Dec,  2011

    It works! Once again, I can transfer from my Camera to my PC all of those Photos I take! It arrived in a timely manner and was packaged appropriately. What more can be said?

       jenny .   06  Jan,  2012

    works great, exactly as described

       Larry .   09  Feb,  2012

    VERY quick shipping (ordered on a Monday afternoon and received Friday afternoon of teh same week). This cable was inexpensive and just what our client needed.

       Jan .   17  Feb,  2012

    Effortless! Thank you! It is perfect

       Isaac .   18  Feb,  2012

    Came in time and in good condition.

       Gabrielle .   20  Feb,  2012

    Excellent transaction & product!!!

       Clyde .   20  Feb,  2012

    Worked as advertized on my Sony A camera

       Steve .   27  Feb,  2012

    I ordered the cable cord and a charger for my camera. It included a plugin adapter for the vehicle power port. The acknowledgement was immediate and the products arrived a few days later. They work great! Good price and Great service! Steve D. Coon Rapids, MN.

       Wilbur .   01  Mar,  2012

    Service / expediency was great as was the price. Part was what I expected. Good experience.

       Royce .   03  Mar,  2012

    Excellent cable..Just what I needed. Price and shipping couldn't be better.

       steven .   13  Mar,  2012

    I bought my camera at a US Army PX while I was working in Iraq a couple of years ago and couldn't find a replacement anywhere, so you came thru for me. The cable is just what I was looking for. Thanks, Steve

       Ricardo .   21  Mar,  2012

    Just purchased a USB Data cable for my Nikon P500 Camera. It works just like the original one and bought it for a bargain. Delivery was fast, no hassles.... I appreciate doing business with Cellular Factory... I'm happy with my replacement chord R. Cabrera

       salvatore .   24  Mar,  2012

    the product was exactly what i was looking for brian was a great help it was delivered on time as promised everybody at cellur factory was grewat thanks sal

       James .   02  Apr,  2012

    Works great, Identical to the one I got with the camera. Fast shipping.

       Denise Dunsing .   02  Apr,  2012


       Diane .   05  Apr,  2012

    I'm very much pleased with the service that I rec'd from CelluarFactory. I rec'd my cables in record time. Thanks. dw

       Cindy .   09  Apr,  2012

    This cable work perfectly with my Nikon Coolpix. i was concerned about ordering it because of other reviews I had read about the cable not fitting or working with the Coolpix. However, so far, I have had no problems. Cellular Factory provided fast shipping and great service. I would definetely buy from them again.

       James .   09  Apr,  2012

    Works exactly like original equipment.

       patrick .   12  Apr,  2012

    As described and shipped very fast. Great Ebayer, buy with confidence

       Andrew .   01  May,  2012

    The cable is exactly what I needed. Arrived as promised. Good service :)

       Patricia .   05  May,  2012

    How do you rate a cable? Either it does what it's supposed to or doesn't. It attaches where it's supposed to, or it doesn't. I think cables are probably only one star or five. This one is a five for me: it does the job.

       Michelle .   17  May,  2012

    Unfortunately I can't review it because it doesn't work, my computer needs a driver for it...

       Ronald .   17  May,  2012

    I am very pleased with the product and the service follow up of my purchase.

       Robert .   18  May,  2012

    totally happy with the quality and integrity of the product. i will definatly use this service in the future to replace any parts i may need,including purchasing new products

       David .   28  May,  2012

    Works as expected

       kathleen .   08  Jun,  2012

    Great product! Thanks

       David .   08  Jun,  2012

    The cable is fine. What is really great is the customer service. I purchased another item that I ruined because I didn't follow the installation instructions carefully. I was given a replacement at no charge at all, not even shipping. This is a great company. I will never hesitate to make future purchases from them. Thank you so much!!

       Kristin .   08  Jun,  2012

    Perfect cable for my Nikon P500. So happy to find one when I lost mine. The quality is excellent!

       Thelma .   22  Jun,  2012

    It was just what I needed and it was shipped efficiently. They did a great job following up to make sure I was happy with my purchase.

       rick .   22  Jun,  2012

    I have always been extremely satisfied with all products and service from Cellular Factory. Rick Golcing

       Linda .   23  Jun,  2012

    Everything was fine and works just fine. I am a little confused on the battery knowing whether to recharge it in the camera or somehow outside the camera? Otherwise things are fine

       Carolyn .   27  Jun,  2012

    This was exactly what I was looking for at a number of places like Radio Shack, Best Buy and Office Max and could not find. It arrived on time.

       Gordon .   30  Jun,  2012

    Fit exactly and worked perfectly. And at a great price.

       Barbara .   08  Jul,  2012

    It is so frustrating when you try to use a piece of equipment and realize you have no idea where the cord went. I went on line and found Cellular Factory. They had the cord I needed at a great price. Before I knew it, my package arrived at my door. Great company! Keep the information handy because you will need it at some point in time!!!

       Kevin .   24  Jul,  2012

    dog chewed the cable for my camera, did a search, found cellular factory shipped free to us service members overseas, no brainer, ordered 2 extra cables, fast delivery, two emails ensuring everything was ok....great service, thanks!

       Bruce .   06  Aug,  2012

    I needed a USB cable which could connect directly to the camera (I already had a USB cable that I could plug camera cards into) so that I could get the pictures out of the camera's own memory, not merely those stored on the memory card. I found just what I needed at Cellular Factory for a fraction of the cost of a similar cable in a store. It was easy to order, and the cable arrived very quickly and works perfectly.

       Shavondra .   29  Aug,  2012

    It's perfect. Thank you.

       Deyett .   01  Sep,  2012

    No complaints

       Mary-Hale .   02  Sep,  2012

    I got just what I needed at a great price. Great service!

       Russell .   03  Sep,  2012

    Worked as expected and delivery was good.

       Alfred M .   09  Sep,  2012

    First time buyer. product was excellent, very fast shipping and excellent customer service! Coulld'nt ask for anything more, would definite buy from again.

       Russell .   11  Sep,  2012

    Arrived undamaged and worked on the camera with no problems. Will buy again.

       Julia .   12  Sep,  2012

    The item I ordered arrived quickly and I am back to taking photos! thank you

       Dottie .   12  Sep,  2012

    The price was right and you got it to me fast! My dog chewed my cord and I did not realize it until I went to download pictures. Thank you for the fast service

       Narayanan .   22  Sep,  2012

    Excellent, works as expected.

       Ramiro .   23  Sep,  2012

    Excellent it works perfect, and quickly shipment

       Ruth .   28  Sep,  2012

    It was the needed cable that was missing. Thank you.

       SCOTT .   08  Oct,  2012

    Product received a perfect match to my camera, works fine, shipping good, well within reasonable time frame, would do business with again. Thanks.

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