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   Olympus Mju 7000 3.0 inch Widescreen Screen Protector

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Product Summary

    For the Olympus Mju 7000 Camera: Protect your device display from scratches with the customized screen protector, made specifically for your cell phone.
    Great quality screen protector films that protect your phone screen from scratches, dust and dirt.

  • Protects the LCD screen against scratches
  • Dust repelling
  • Blocks 99% of UV emitted from an LCD screen

    Product Color: Clear
    Dimension: 3.0" Widescreen
    Material: LCD Screen Protect film

    1 Pieces Customizable screen protector; 1 piece Microfiber cloth;

    1. Clean the device screen with microfiber cloth provided. Do not use any cleaning agents.
    2. Peel and fold the grid backing (tab #1) about an inch away from the screen protector, making sure the sticky side is facing down toward your device.
    Do not touch the sticky side with your fingers as fingerprints cannot be removed.
    3. Align the screen protector with the device screen and gently apply the screen protector, working from one end to the other. For realignment, lift the screen protector (tab #2) and reapply.
    4. Remove tab #2 label from screen protector once it is properly aligned.
    5. Use the microfiber cloth to smooth away the bubbles from one end of the display to the other.

    The screen protector is only to cover the display screens of the compatible models. For some models, there is a black border around the screen, if you are looking for a screen protector that also covers the black border, you will need a larger screen protector accordingly.

  • SKU: 41653-457067
    Location: S67-233
  • Shipping Weight:    0.22 oz

Compatible Olympus Models

  • Olympus Mju 7000
  • Olympus Mju 7040

  • Which Olympus Camera do you have?

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    Customer Reviews
       John .   10  May,  2011

    I bought this to protect the screen on my newly purchased CanonShot SX230 camera. It isn't the best screen protector I have seen. First it doesn't even cover the whole screen. I would also like it better if it were a matte finish. Instead it's glossy and still shows finger prints. I also saw the price of other screen protectors for this same camera were lower on I don't know if the quality is any better.

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