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   Olympus FE-370 Original Li-60C Battery Charger fits Olympus Li-60B Batteries

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Product Summary

    For the Olympus FE-370 Camera: This Olympus LI-60C OEM Charger for LI-60B Battery is for you to use to quickly and reliably charge the compatible batteries for your digital devices.
    Use this battery charger to easily charge your device's battery at home, in the office and keep your digital device for use.

  • Compact and solid design and make with OEM reliable quality
  • Quickly and reliably charge your digital batteries. LED Indicators for Charging Status.
  • With intelligent IC chip to prevent over-charging
  • As simple as plugging the unit in to the wall and inserting a battery, yet is small enough to take anywhere.

    OEM part#: Olympus LI-60C
    Compatible battery models: OLYMPUS Li-60B LI-ION batteries
    Input Voltage (AC): 100V-240V 50/60Hz 2.6W 0.05A
    Output Voltage (DC): 4.2V 0.33A
    Product Color: Black

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a battery charger and you will need to take the battery out of the camera for charging.

  • SKU: 38636-85345
    Location: S23-135
  • Shipping Weight:    4.63 oz

Compatible Olympus Models

  • Olympus FE-370

  • Which Olympus Camera do you have?

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