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   Olympus Stylus 9000 Battery Charger Kit fits Li-50B/Li-70B/D-Li92/NP-BK1 (Home/Wall/Travel Charger & Car Charger)-US


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Product Summary

    For the Olympus Stylus 9000 Camera: Black Charger Kit (Home/Wall/Travel Charger & Car Charger) for you to charge your digital camera battery without the camera. Keep your camera free of the battery charge.
    The package includes
  • one battery holder(with Home/Wall/Travel Charger)
  • one cigarette lighter adapter (DC car cable)
  • The charger kit for OLYMPUS Li-50B/Pentax D-Li92/Sony NP-BK1 Battery enables you charge your digital camera/camcorder battery without the camera/camcorder. More convenience and efficient. With the charger kit, you could charger your digital camera/camcorder battery anywhere, such as in your car or in your house. Put your digital camera/camcorder battery into the battery holder, then connect the cigarette lighter car charger to the battery holder. Your digital camera/camcorder battery will be charged automatically. The charger kit has IC protector to protect your battery from being overchargered. Give your digital camera/camcorder longer time to use without worrying about the power supply.


  • Mount digital camera/camcorder battery
  • Align the metallic contacts of the battery to the inserting direction and insert it against electrode gate protection switch.
  • Connect the power plug of the battery-mounted charger to the power socket or car cigarette.
  • If Charger indicator orange of red lights, charging begins.
    If Charger indicator green lights, charging is completed normal charge.


  • Use rechargeable battery pack with corresponding model;
  • Charger shall be unplugged from the power socket if it is not used for an extended period of time;
  • It is normal if the product gets slightly hot in suing;
  • Don't expose the product to rain or humidity to prevent from electric shock;
  • Keep the product out of children.

  • Please note: this item is a battery charger. The cable does NOT plug directly into your camera to charge the camera.

  • SKU: 38428-154149
    Location: B01-159
  • Shipping Weight:    4.17 oz

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    Product Q&A

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    Customer Reviews
       Wanda .   05  May,  2011

    This product came quickly and was exactly as described. I am already using and have enjoyed. Can't wait to use the car charger feature on my upcoming vacation. Vendor even followed up to make sure I got the product during the time frame quoted. Thanks for the great service.

       ROBERT .   29  May,  2011

    This is very conveinent and portable for my camera, so far the performance is good and I dont have to keep sticking the dumb cale into the camera to charge the battery, and showing dont remove the Cable until charged! "DUH""! So now I wont see dont remove cable until charged! It will come in handy on cruises, camping and everyday use. Also Cellular Factory will stand behind their products, just make sure to keep all invoices for returns.! Regards Robert

       christian .   29  May,  2011

    exelent product thank you cellular factory .

       Kristi DuncanHall .   31  May,  2011

    I finally found what I was looking for at CellularFactory. It was just as promised and delivered in about a week--sooner than expected. It works perfectly. I am very happy with the service I received.

       Walter .   14  Jul,  2011

    Does what I need it to do.

       Leslie .   22  Jul,  2011

    The product came quickly and works well.

       Olusoji .   11  Aug,  2011

    Good! Like the add advantage of charging via my Car. Thanks

       Shawn .   14  Aug,  2011

    charges great, after I figured out which way to put my battery in!

       Theresa .   22  Aug,  2011

    was good product, fast shipment. works fine so far!

       Bernd .   28  Aug,  2011

    fast delivery, item as expected

       Richard .   23  Sep,  2011

    Works fine. Great purchase.

       Paul .   06  Oct,  2011

    Just as described

       Angela .   26  Oct,  2011

    great and convenient product

       George .   22  Nov,  2011

    Exactly what I need for home car and hotel

       Emily .   22  Nov,  2011

    Excellent purchase. Performed actually better than the one that came with the camera. Very pleased.

       karen carter .   01  Dec,  2011

    Battery doesn't charge so I'm assuming I need a battery now.:(

       EDWARD .   03  Jan,  2012

    just what i needed and received it super fast

       gary .   07  Jan,  2012

    works very well and is correct for my model of of camera. shipping was spot on and timely.

       Bryan .   09  Jan,  2012

    The product arrived on time, was cheap, and best of all works well. I would recommend this web site to others. I will continue to purchase products from Cellular Factory Wholesale.

       john .   17  Jan,  2012

    It works. It arrived faster than I thought with quick follow up to make sure I got it. Excellent service!

       Gregory .   19  Jan,  2012

    I needed a spare battery and the means to be able to charge the batterys without having to use the camera. From past experience with Cellular Factory, I went straight to their website and ordered the battery & charger for my Olympus TG-610. In less than 7 days the product was in my home and in use. The price was fair and the service impeccable.

       julie .   27  Jan,  2012

    I needed this quickly for a trip, and to purchase in a store near me, it was more than $40. This is a GREAT price, and it shipped quickly. So happy with the price, the product, and the fantastic customer service. I would definitely buy from again!

       Linda .   29  Jan,  2012

    GREAT PRICE i looked around and coulodnt find a better price, it did take a little longer to recieve then i expected but it works great and i am very happy

       Laurie .   08  Mar,  2012

    Absolutely wonderful. My daughter can now charge her camera.

       Steve .   22  Apr,  2012

    Excellent charger, works as advertised and much cheaper than the original Sony charger. I like the in car charging ability, came in very hand on our vacation.

       Richard .   07  Jun,  2012

    great little can use it in car or any wall socket for charging.

       Mary .   03  Sep,  2012

    Product works great! Just what I needed after I lost the cables to my camera in a move. Cellular Factory was very prompt in shipping and so reasonable... I thought I would be looking at 40-60dollars to replace the charger and transfer cable, not under $20. I will always come to Cellular Factory first when I need replacement parts.

       Theresa .   07  Sep,  2012

    Right product , Right price. Delivered right on time. Thank you!

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