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   Olympus E-420 Lightweight 53 inch Tripod w/ Bubble Level (Silver)

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Product Summary

    For the Olympus E-420 Camera: The Classic Lightweight 53-inch Tripod with Bubble Level (Silver) is made from high-grade Aluminum with special surface finish that is light, yet steady. It is easy to be carried and operated. The tube and center shaft has fluid movements, the delicate panhead moves smoothly with accurate locating. This lightweight tripod is ideal for film cameras, digital cameras and digital video cameras. The bubble level indicator helps keep your camera level.


  • Color: Silver;
  • N.W. 860g(30 ounce);
  • Folded Length: 530mm;
  • Maximum Operation Length: 1340mm;
  • 3-way panhead;
  • 3-Section Legs;
  • Quick release plate;
  • Geared elevator.

  • Comes with standard 1/4" screw, but some devices may need the 3/8" screw adapter, which is not included.

  • SKU: 30350-47261
    Location: L--109
  • Shipping Weight:    28.10 oz
  • Dimension:   21.5 x 4.25 x 4.25

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    Product Q&A

    Write a Review

    Customer Reviews
       Juke .   01  Apr,  2009

    My only complaint is that the item was sent without the manual. and you need to figure out how to use it with your camera by yourself. Item was fine.

       Frieda .   01  Apr,  2009

    I have a Sony digital camera, but sometimes, I found that I need a bracket to support the camera.I got it from the market with a high price($35.00),but I did not care about that, i thought the quality is good.One month later, it was broken for my reason. I do not want to pay more again. I want to pay less to buy a new one.I found this website and got this tripod for $23.99. Two weeks passed, I never met any problems of this tripod.

       Philippa P .   07  Jun,  2009

    bought it for my camera. weighs at a reasonale range for carrying. Make sure you tested the camera before putting it on this item.
    This item was not strong and supportative for camera weighs over its own weight.

       mark .   23  May,  2011

    actually i never got this item 100 percent i bought one from nikon and you guys never sent

       Jim .   05  Jul,  2011

    Perfect for what I needed. Lightweight & portable. Very fast shipping

       Steve .   11  Aug,  2011

    This is exactly what I wanted and am very pleased with this tripod. I have used it just a few times but so far it exceeds all my demands for it.

       kathleen .   25  Aug,  2011

    This tripod is perfect for my uses. It sets up easily, holds my camera beautifully, is compact enough to be very convenient and the storage case with the draw string handle is a plus. I found the price to be right also. I would recommend this tripod.

       patricia .   29  Aug,  2011

    LOVE this tripod!! Very lightwieght and easy to set up. Held my camera securely and is much sturdier than I expected. Took it on a recent trip to Hawaii and the carry bag made it easy to take along everywhere. Was even able to fit in my tote bag for easier carrying. Love the fact that you can set it up at different heights so it's great to set up on the ground or on a table top. A great value.

       Irving .   02  Sep,  2011

    Works better than might be expected from the flimsy materials used in its construction.

       Herb .   15  Sep,  2011

    This has proved excellent in allowing me to picture my colectibles for insurance purposes. Its light weight lets me set up on a covered table and shoot from a constant position insuring consistent photos.

       Kenneth .   19  Sep,  2011

    Great product for the price

       Michael .   22  Nov,  2011

    You simply cannot beat this this tripod for the insanely low price! Sure, the frame is light-weight aluminum and not built for heavy equipment, but this is the perfect tripod for the beginner with a light-weight camera. And the mounted head is very well constructed with many different angling options. If you are a professional, skip this product; if you are an amateur and need an entry-level tripod, go for it!

       GILLIAN .   22  Nov,  2011

    It works fine, its pretty sturdy and easy to use, I have quite a heavy camera .. the HS10 and it feels secure on this tripod. I have only used it for occasional use and dont know how this would stand up to regular useage. I didnt want to spend a heap of money on something that I wouldnt use that often and when taking the price into account its a nice buy..

       Jason .   19  Dec,  2011

    I bought this as an early Christmas gift for a friend and he loved it. Very good quality, lots of interesting feature too.

       Larry .   07  Jan,  2012

    Arrived in a beaten up box that had been opened a number of times. but the product seems fine.

       Carla .   13  Jan,  2012

    Great little tripod. Just what I was looking for and a great price as well.

       charles .   14  Feb,  2012

    For the price this tripod is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been able to take still shots with this tripod that I was unable to obtain by hand. The legs adjust to various sizes allowing multiple angles for various shots. I would recommend this tripod to any on a budget and with a camera with a 3/8" mount rather than 1/4".

       Jay .   24  Feb,  2012

    The tripod is great. Its perfect for my photo needs. Great service and fast delivery too! I am pleased with my purchase and will shop with cellular again.

       Patrick .   26  Feb,  2012

    Fantastic tripod and a great price. I recommend it, as well as the great service from

       tom .   08  Mar,  2012

    received in timely manner, just what i need. great value

       Suki .   18  Mar,  2012

    I have a Canon PowerShot SX120 and I bought this tripod because it was specifically for that camera. And it works pretty okay especially for the price. However, I can't do any portrait (vertical) shots. Only landscape (horizontal) shots because my camera is too heavy and it won't stay level for vertical shots. That makes no sense to me since this tripod specifically names my camera for this tripod. You'd think it'd work fully.

       JOHN .   12  Apr,  2012

    Hard to believe you can make something so light yet sturdy

       Christi .   19  Apr,  2012

    Package arrived in excellent condition and was shipped quickly.

       James .   09  Jul,  2012

    Its a wonderful product. I bought one for about $23.00 total. Lightweight, easy to use, though it takes a little work and figuring out to get the camera to screw on easily. The only problem was a couple of screws were missing which I was able to easily replace. I love this thing. Its made my camera work so much easier and its so light and sturdy. If you want it you should get it. I did and I think it was great deal all around.

       LORELEI D .   31  Jul,  2012

    Exactly what I needed! This tripod works for my Nikon Coolpix L22 beautifully. I'm an amateur photo taker, just for group pics with friends or to document common events and pets. I'm so glad I found because this tripod is right in line with my budget, easy ordering, satisfactory shipping - although the flimsy carton arrived rather beaten up, but the tripod seems fine.

       Dr. Sophia .   17  Aug,  2012

    This tripod is great for professional medical type photos of before and after shots of patients. Now my photos are consistent. Thank you for making this product so affordable. Dr. Alexandros

       Janice .   27  Aug,  2012

    Great item at a steal of a price! Light weight and with it's own carrying bag ~ for my purposes - I could not have asked for a better transaction...

       William .   06  Sep,  2012

    I love this tripod. It is lightweight and works great, plus the price was really good.

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