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Save big on Konica minolta DiMAGE E223 USB DATA CABLES CORDS. Get them on SALE Today
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   Konica minolta DiMAGE E223 Data Cable USB 2.0 (Olympus CB-USB4, Nikon UC-E4, Kodak U-5A, Canon IFC-300PCU,IFC-400PCU ,Sony VMC-14UMB2,Pentax I-USB6


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Product Summary

    For the Konica minolta DiMAGE E223 Camera: Digital Camera Data Cable USB 2.0 Olympus CB-USB4, Nikon UC-E4, Kodak U-5A, Canon IFC-300PCU,IFC-400PCU ,Sony VMC-14UMB2,Pentax I-USB6,SAMSUNG AH39-00498AG)for you to use to connect your digital device to your laptop, PC computer to transfer photos and other files that support by the digital device.
    With the charging function, you can also charge your digital device via a USB port.
    The USB2.0 certified cable supports data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps and are fully backwards compatible with all USB 1.0 and 1.1 devices.
    Easy to use, plug and play. Or refer to your digital device provide to get the available software.
    • The USB2.0 certified cable supports data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps.
    • Compatible with all USB 1.0 and 1.1 devices.
    • Ideal USB connection for portable use
    • Easy to use, plug and play.
    • Universal Supports Windows Vista/XP/ME/2000/98, and Mac OS X 10.2 & up, Linux 9

    Product Color: Black
    Material: Plastic
    Length: about 3.1 feet (0.94 m) Weight: 1.53 oz
    IMPORTANT NOTE: For some Operation system, it may require the USB driver for first use, refer to your digital device provide to get the available software.

  • SKU: 35617-362145
    Location: B04-219
  • Shipping Weight:    1.53 oz

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    Customer Reviews
       marlin .   07  May,  2011

    worked perfect!!!

       J Richard .   20  May,  2011

    This was my first purchase with Cellular Factory, and everything went perfectly. The product and the service were first class. I would definately recomment this company to anyone.

       Kathi .   23  May,  2011

    It was the right cord, and it arrived promptly and was a reasonalble price.Sadly it was my camera that isn't working :(

       Catherine .   29  May,  2011


       James .   05  Sep,  2011

    exactly what I needed and was shipped very quick. thanks

       Paul D .   12  Sep,  2011


       David .   10  Oct,  2011

    I recently discovered I had misplaced the cable that connected my camera to my computer. I went on the manufacturer's site to find a replacement and there wasn't one listed. I googled again and found Cellular had it. The product of course works fine and it came very quickly.

       Jesus .   03  Nov,  2011

    I ordered the usb cables for my camcorder and am very pleased with the price and how fast I recieved it. I order all of my stuff needed for my camcorder from this website.

       William .   01  Dec,  2011

    This cable works well and fits really good and tight enough to not wiggle free from connection. I was very happy with the price, product, and speed of delivery. Thanks!

       Louise .   02  Dec,  2011

    I have looked @ all the so-called electronic shops and was told this was not avaible any longer, found this @ your co. and it works perfect.thanks for the fast service

       Marianne .   18  Dec,  2011

    This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the speedy service and great product at a great price.

       Michael .   18  Dec,  2011

    It's the right cable replacement

       Doris .   24  Dec,  2011

    Received the USB data cable in just a few days. Thanks Fast efficient service.

       Patricia .   19  Jan,  2012

    Shipment was fast and product was correct.

       Don .   05  Feb,  2012

    Fast service and fast shipping. Was what they said it was, fast and accommodating service decent prices

       Valerie .   09  Feb,  2012

    Product received was exactly what was shown/described. Works great! Fair price. A good experience with Cellular Factory.

       O Neill .   10  Feb,  2012

    It works.

       debra .   23  Feb,  2012

    on time, priced right and just what I ordered. I will be a repeat customer.

       Rose Mary .   23  Feb,  2012

    Purchased this item for my daughter's Nikon D3100 during Christmas. It arrived quickly and the item is just as described.

       Larry .   12  Mar,  2012

    Cellularfactory did a great job of shipping this item out ASAP as a super price. This is the best place I've found on the Internet for super prices and quick delivery. I also had no problems getting a refund when I had to return a previous item. If you need cables or other accessories, don't bother looking elsewhere--just go directly to!

       Scott .   02  Apr,  2012

    The delivery was quick and the data cable works as expected. I would definitely use Cellular Factory again.

       William P .   04  Apr,  2012

    Excellent product! Terrific price!

       Sandy .   12  Apr,  2012

    Great product! Fast & efficient! highly recommended! A+++++++++++

       John .   30  Apr,  2012

    Quick delivery-reasonably priced -thanks!

       vernon .   16  May,  2012

    It was just wht I needed to replace the cable I lost that went to my new camera. Things went perfectly. The price was right and the item arrived as promised.

       Risha .   09  Jul,  2012


       Alphonse .   28  Jul,  2012

    I lost my cable making my camera useless. I tried an adaptor that didn't work.. I decided to try the internet ( Doh!! Why didn't think of that right away." I found exactly what I needed at your site. It is just was I needed. The price and shipping were appropriate. AJL

       Grace .   31  Jul,  2012

    PERFECT!!! Love this company, true to their word. Def. trustworthy and such great prices. No problems with this product

       Mary Ann .   20  Aug,  2012

    Very quick response and the part was just what I needed.

       Michael Iacuessa .   14  Sep,  2012

    Quick mailing

       Mark .   18  Sep,  2012

    Excellent product & excellent service, I will definitely recommend this store.....

       JANICE .   22  Sep,  2012

    Product was perfect. Shipping was very fast. Will always buy from here for my phone and camara needs

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