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   Canon EOS Rebel T2i Battery Charger Kit fits LP-E8 (Home/Travel Charger & Car Charger)-US

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Product Summary

    For the Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera: LP-E8 Battery Charger Kit (Home/Travel Charger & Car Charger) for you to charge your digital camera battery without the camera. Keep your camera free of the battery charge.
    The package includes
  • one battery holder(with Home/Wall/Travel Charger)
  • one cigarette lighter adapter (DC car cable)
  • The charger kit for Canon LP-E8 Battery enables you charge your digital camera/camcorder battery without the camera/camcorder. More convenience and efficient. With the charger kit, you could charger your digital camera/camcorder battery anywhere, such as in your car or in your house. Put your digital camera/camcorder battery into the battery holder, then connect the cigarette lighter car charger to the battery holder. Your digital camera/camcorder battery will be charged automatically. The charger kit has IC protector to protect your battery from being overchargered. Give your digital camera/camcorder longer time to use without worrying about the power supply.


  • Mount digital camera/camcorder battery
  • Align the metallic contacts of the battery to the inserting direction and insert it against electrode gate protection switch.
  • Connect the power plug of the battery-mounted charger to the power socket or car cigarette.
  • If Charger indicator orange of red lights, charging begins.
    If Charger indicator green lights, charging is completed normal charge.


  • Use rechargeable battery pack with corresponding model;
  • Charger shall be unplugged from the power socket if it is not used for an extended period of time;
  • It is normal if the product gets slightly hot in suing;
  • Don't expose the product to rain or humidity to prevent from electric shock;
  • Keep the product out of children.

  • Please note: this item is a battery charger. The cable does NOT plug directly into your camera to charge the camera.

  • SKU: 42588-470882
    Location: B07-235
  • Shipping Weight:    4.17 oz

Compatible Canon Models

  • Canon EOS 550D EOS Rebel T2i
  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i
  • Canon EOS Rebel T4i EOS Rebel T4i

  • Which Canon Camera do you have?

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    Customer Reviews
       Franklin .   29  May,  2011

    Received timely and item was as described. While the charger appears to work (used only once) it did have a slight electrical burn smell after I disconnected the Unit. I noticed some other reviewers complained of that also. Some even indicated they heard a "pop" and the unit stopped working. Well, this one works, just does a a burnt electrical smell I could detect when I held it up to my nose and sniffed. Makes me concerned which is why I am only giving a 4 star rating at this time.

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