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Save big on Acer CP-8531 LANYARDS STRAPS & CHARMS. Get them on SALE Today
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   Acer CP-8531 Black Lanyard Charm

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Product Summary

    For the Acer CP-8531 Camera: This lanyard/neck strap is suitable for most cell phones, PDAs, portable games and music players. Accessorize your device with this universal lanyard, while keeping it safe around your neck.

    • Durable, yet fashionable braided design
    • Charm loop string attaches to your electronic device
    • Long enough to wear around your neck
    • Great to use with any cell phone, PDA, portable game, MP3 and MP4 players that have lanyard holes.

    Product Length: 15.35 inch
    Product Weight: 0.42 oz
    Product Color: Black

    • On your device, locate lanyard holes.
    • Pinch the charm loop at the end of the lanyard and string it through both holes.
    • Once loop is through, string the braided end of the lanyard through the charm loop and pull tight to make a slip knot.
    • The lanyard is now secure and ready to use.

  • SKU: 44071-457926
    Location: S51-131
  • Shipping Weight:    0.46 oz

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    Customer Reviews
       Jody .   27  May,  2011

    I received a completely different lanyard and I hate it!

       Terry .   02  Jul,  2011

    This lanyard worked great !

       Joseph .   10  Dec,  2011

    works great fantastic deal

       Karen .   16  Mar,  2012

    A good product, a great company to by from, they are very reasonably priced, way better than stores. They ship out immediately and you receive it very quickly. Highly recommend doing business with them.

       Teresa .   25  Mar,  2012

    Thanks for the prompt service! I can't believe the lanyards came in the mail so quickly. The lanyard is exactly what I wanted. I bought others and they have no flaws and fit correctly on my cell phone. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you.

       David .   18  Jun,  2012

    I bought this Lanyard for my Nikon S3100 and it fits great. They had numeorus colors and sizes to choose from.

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