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   Acer CP-8531 Chamois Cleaning Cloth (6 inch x 6 inch )


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Product Summary

    For the Acer CP-8531 Camera: Chamois Leather Cleaning Cloth for you to use to clean, in an easy and efficient way, your cell phone,digital device, etc.
    Chamois leather is best known for its soft polishing qualities. It is ideal for cleaning, removing oils, smudges and fingerprints.

  • It can remove dirt and stains easily!
  • 15.5*15.5cm (6.1*6.1 inch).
  • Both sides of the chamois are finished for maximum softness.
  • Treat your camera or lens more careful and more tender.
  • Clean Chamois allows repeated use without losing softness or reducing absorbtion.

  • SKU: 35328-648224
    Location: B04-241
  • Shipping Weight:    0.43 oz

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    Customer Reviews
       Mark C .   29  Sep,  2011

    Very nice. Gets the job done. It is smooth and effective and most importantly it does not get matted and caked up.

       Minnie .   06  Sep,  2012

    This is an excellent product. I ordered for my daughter and me. I have come to expect that Cell Phone Accessories carries excellent products and am always excited to receive my orders.

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