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   Sony DCR-HC52 DCR-HC52E IEEE 1394(4-pin to 4-pin) cable (Replace sony VMC-IL4415)

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Product Description
    For the Sony DCR-HC52 DCR-HC52E Camcorder: 4-pin to 4-pin IEEE 1394 iLink FireWire Cable dv out to laptop Connect and transfer home movie from your digital camcorder to Notebook computer.

    You will need a Firewire port on your computer, also known as a DV port or IEEE 1394, to use this cable. This is NOT a USB cable.

    This DV cable will connect your laptop (notebook)
    NOTE: for some models, becuase of no DV jack on the body, this cable connects to docking station/cradle instead of connecting directly to your camcorder.

    Length of cable: 4 ft (1.2 m)

  • SKU: 36731-579910
    Location: B00-166
  • Shipping Weight:    1.44 oz

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       Richard .   10  May,  2011

    Was the wrong item for me. I am returning it

       gene .   11  Jun,  2011

    great product, great service, fast mailing, friendly customer service

       Roy .   14  Jul,  2011

    Exactly as listed.

       Ed .   24  Aug,  2011

    Works great

       Alice .   29  Jan,  2012

    This is exactly what I needed! Works great!! Thanks!

       Richard .   06  May,  2012

    good product quick delivery

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