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   Rca EZ219RD 7 inch Digital Photo Picture Frame (7-inch LCD Display, Pink, Squareness)


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Product Description
    For the Rca EZ219RD Camcorder: This 7" Digital Photo Picture Frame (7-inch LCD Display) is a new innovate item for you to display and store your digital photo picture.
    Start viewing your pictures and videos right away by inserting a memory card to the picture frame or connect your digital camera to this frame and enjoy.

  • High Brightness Color 7.0" LCD Digital Photo Picture Frame (7.0 inch)
  • The convenient drag-and-drop feature makes transferring pictures easy. View your pictures on the 7-inch wide screen.
  • WITH 1 USB port for easy connection to any laptop or desktop computer.
  • Display your photo on a tabletop or on a wall, vertically or horizontally.
  • Support SD MMC MS memory cards

    Memory card slot: SD MMC MS (up to 8gb)
    Material: Acrylic
    Adopter: DC 12V
    Product Color: Transparent & Pink
    Display Resolution: 480*320 pix
    Memory card not included

    Use the MODE key can adjust the photo display of full screen, small screen, auto display
    Photo viewing function is available when music playing function is used.

    1 x digital photo frame; 1 x DC power supply; 1 x USB cable

  • SKU: 31037-530474
    Location: B06-152
  • Shipping Weight:    26.20 oz

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