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   Canon XL1 Anti-Fingerprint Universal Screen Protector (5.5 inch ) 3X Pieces

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In Stock.

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Product Description
    For the Canon XL1 Camcorder: Made from high quality Korean PET Material, the Anti-Fingerprint screen protector prevents scratches and dust. Anti-glare/Anti-Fingerprint material ensures your screen is free from reflective glare and unwanted fingerprints.

    Great for any device with screen measurements within 2.95" x 4.6" (5.5" diagonal).
    Practice grid printed directly onto film cover for accurate measuring and cutting. High grade material also improves touch response for touch screen devices.


    High quality Korean PET material Ensures protection from reflective glare and fingerprints
    Includes 3 screen protector that can be cut to fit Soft cloth to clean screen area
    Soft card to squeeze out air bubbles
    No residue left behind when removing film

  • SKU: 54702-134164
    Location: S58-154
  • Shipping Weight:    0.69 oz

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    Customer Reviews
       Michael .   21  Jan,  2012

    Hi I like this product & it seems to scroll better for me since I have a touch phone & I don't have the smudges like my other screen protector !

       William I Purdy .   06  Feb,  2012

    Works just fine. Exact fit. Microsoft cloth cleans witih a few wipes. Two screen protectors in the package so I have a spare. Reasonable cost.

       Michael .   15  May,  2012

    Works as it was designed. The nice feature was grid that made accurate trimming easier.

       Josh .   31  May,  2012

    Great product works very good would buy again!

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