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   Canon XL2 Car Cigarette Lighter Triple Socket Adapter with USB Output (Black)

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In Stock.

330 available in stock.


Availability: Ships in 1-2 business days via USPS from Los Angeles. Most customers receive within 4-7 business days.

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Product Description
    For the Canon XL2 Camcorder: This Car Cigarette Lighter Triple Socket Adapter with USB Output (Black) is for you to use to increase the socket on your car. Adds two more sockets for use with this item. Also a USB port for use with any device taking 500mAh or less.

    • DC5V 500mAh USB OUTPUT + 3 DC12V/24V socket car charger is suitable for PDA, Mobile phone, GPS and so on
    • It is designed with compact size and lightweight.
    • Quite convenient to carry.
    • Essential to drivers.

    Color: Black
    Cord Length: 4.9 ft
    Net weight: 4.2 oz

  • SKU: 34809-680256
    Location: B03-134
  • Shipping Weight:    4.29 oz

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    Product Q&A

    Write a Review

    Customer Reviews
       Wallis .   01  Apr,  2009

    My brother bought a USB 3 sockets car charger

    Pros: Black color and sleek, easy portable, solid shell of unit, trustful quality, very competitive price

    Cons: Not good feel when press the on/off


       Eartha .   01  Apr,  2009

    Resonable price , reliable quality( I have bought in this shop for three times) , absolutely good value for me !

       Tamsin .   01  Apr,  2009

    Travel by car often and sometimes I have my laptop, cellphone charger, rechargeable battery charger etc. And it is very inconvenient to have just one DC outlet so this socket comes very handy. It is not too big so it wont require too much space and even if your space is limited, the cord is long enough to put it on the car floor. Even better, it has a battery meter that lets you know if your battery is loosing power or if everything is still fine.

       Natali .   01  Apr,  2009

    Not what I wanted,cheap product that only worked for about a week.Difficulty removing it from the socket and I was afraid the cheap plastic would break. Don't waste your time with this splitter.

       Karen .   14  Jun,  2011

    Love this adaptor. charge phone, Bluetooth and pc; IN THE CAR. Great product. Great company. Thanks.

       john .   01  Sep,  2011

    works pretty good, we like it johnny

       perry .   01  Sep,  2011

    works great and meets my needs perfectly. great price.

       Andrew .   02  Sep,  2011

    Works great. Nice price. Prompt service. Thank you Cellular Factory.

       Andrew .   14  Sep,  2011

    Works great - very useful and at a good price.

       brandon .   19  Sep,  2011

    Works well. Do NOT plug too many high current adapters into this device. I have two laptop adapters and a GPS cable which blew the fuse. Adding a higher amp fuse works, but the cable gets hot.

       Kishu .   28  Sep,  2011

    After I swiched to the new phone, I need to recharge it during the driving. Also, I need to use GPS at the same time. This adapter works very well because it has a USB port and three cigarette sockets.

       Salvador .   07  Oct,  2011

    Amazing and useful in my Monster Truck! Great way to keep all my electronics connected at the same time. Thank you CellularFactory!

       Jacob .   14  Oct,  2011

    U just rememered that I have this item havn't tried it yet will let y know when I do try it.

       Douglas .   20  Nov,  2011

    This product fit my needs perfectly, with so many moble devices today , all needing power and only one lighter socket , my car is now ready for the twentyfirst century! My car (92 Camry) has a small square opening just under the radio and this adaptor fits in it like it was made for it, and the little power L.E.D. is and added and well thought out design feature. The price is it's greatest feature!!! Add to that the fast shipping and you have one of the best deals on the webb!!!

       Edward .   21  Nov,  2011

    This will provide very good connections to various units while traveling.

       Debra .   16  Mar,  2012

    Very efficient product

       RODRIGO RUIZ .   13  Jun,  2012


       William .   14  Jun,  2012

    Product as advertized and delivery prompt. Very satisfied.

       JOHN .   06  Jul,  2012

    Seems to be very well made. In addition to the three plug in adapters there is a USB output. Would recommend this product.

       glenn .   09  Jul,  2012

    have had used my charger several times. works great. glad i did business with you. will look at your products next time i need anything.

       Nicholas Paxton .   16  Aug,  2012

    Works great - plug looked like it might be too short in the picture but was not a problem.

       Allen Robinson .   05  Oct,  2012

    works great

       Mina Visitacion .   06  Oct,  2012

    Not sure what happen. It was working fine when i first got it then all of sudden it doesn't lit on. It won't charge my iphone.

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