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   Canon Optura 100MC BP-511A Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery (1800 mAh)

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Product Description
    For the Canon Optura 100MC Camcorder: This Canon BP-511A Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery (1800 mAh) for you to keep as an extra power source for your digital device.
    Keep the extra battery handy for use and never miss a photo opportunity or any moment you want to take picture

    • High Capacity replacement Lithium-Ion Battery Rated at 1800mAh
    • To meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price
    • Standard replacement rechargeable battery for you to keep as an extra power source handy
    • This Replacement Battery is 100% compatible with the Canon BP-511A 1800mAh.

    Output Voltage: 7.4V
    Battery Type: Internal replacement battery
    Replacement part#: Canon BP-511A
    Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Photo-shooting and picture playback times with this battery may vary depending on user habits, camera settings, LCD monitor on/off, features activated, shooting environment, ambient temperature and other factors.

  • SKU: 32222-72350
    Location: S49-146
  • Shipping Weight:    2.91 oz
  • Dimension:   1.9*3.95*5.1

Compatible Canon Models

  • Canon MV500
  • Canon MV600
  • Canon Optura 100MC
  • Canon Optura 20
  • Canon Optura 200MC
  • Canon Optura PI
  • Canon Optura XI
  • Canon ZR10
  • Canon ZR20
  • Canon ZR25MC
  • Canon ZR30MC
  • Canon ZR40
  • Canon ZR45MC
  • Canon ZR50MC
  • Canon ZR60
  • Canon ZR65MC
  • Canon ZR70MC
  • Canon ZR80
  • Canon ZR85
  • Canon ZR90

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    Customer Reviews
       Cath .   01  Apr,  2009

    Battery with full charge runs out within 2hrs for continuous use. Not sure whether this is good enough, my original battery with full charge runs out within the same time span.

       Doris J .   01  Apr,  2009

    Instead of carrying a charger, nowadays i carry this handy replacement battery. I do not need to worry for power shortage nowadays and can take snaps whenever I like.

       Angela R .   09  May,  2009

    This is one of the best replacement batteries I have used. I take my camera everywhere, and I need reliability, and this battery's got it.

       christine .   02  Jun,  2011

    thanks for a quick and easy purchase, the batteries work great and it is wonderful to be able to afford so many backups

       William .   12  Sep,  2012

    Great product, price and super fast service. Highly recommend Cellular Factory. Bill Porter Wadesboro, NC

       Larry .   05  Oct,  2012

    Very Happy with Cellular Factory, and the Batteries. Work perfect.

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