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   Aiptek Pocket DV5900 EU Standard Power Adapter

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Product Description
    For the Aiptek Pocket DV5900 Camcorder: This Universal Travel Power Plug Adapter is for you to adapt any international plug to a EU plug.

  • No need to worry about different plugs when you are traveling.
  • Universal Travel AC Power Plug Adapter Convertor
  • Use this adapter to connect your electrical appliances to standard EU mains socket
  • Made of durable plastic and metal material for durable use.
  • Compact design AC Plug Adapter for easy storage. Portable for use.

    Connector: 2-Pins in EU
    Color: As Picture Show
    This Power Adapter Can't be used in Italy and Switzerland
    This adapter does NOT CONVERT the Voltage. This is NOT A TRANSFORMER.

  • SKU: 49570-682497
    Location: S02-128
  • Shipping Weight:    1.05 oz

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       Seth A Jenkins .   07  Oct,  2011

    Excellent product, great price. I travelled to Germany for Oktoberfest and wanted to make sure I could power/charge my electronics. These did the trick, I could charge my camera, iphone, ipad and several other devices using these. I did not try anything like hair dryer but I do know smaller stuff works for sure.

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