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   Imac iMac MC813 Stylish 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse


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Product Summary

    Pack it up and hit the road. Now there's a precision laser mouse that travels well and is ready when you are. With a nano receiver that doesn't need to be unplugged from your notebook and a comfortable thin design.

    • 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse
    • High-precision optical engine
    • It is twice faster than a common optical mouse.
    • The optical technology with specific wave that can be transformed freely between 500/1000 dpi, has offered a more smooth, more precise control and wider surface adaptability.
    • Battery life is up to six months
    • Unique 5 power-saving mode offers best power management, with a power switch at bottom of the mouse.
    • Genarally, AA battery can support the mouse for working more than 6 months.

    The size of the mouse is about 102*60*24 mm (4.02 * 2.4 * 0.9 inches)
    Working area: 10m
    Product Weight: 1.75 oz

    Plug & Play receiver
    Insert the receiver into a USB port. Install AA battery in the mouse. They will compare themselves automatically.

  • SKU: 41292-746708
    Location: B00-190
  • Shipping Weight:    3.24 oz

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    Customer Reviews
       Bill .   22  Oct,  2011

    Great mouse. Arrived in perfect condition and on time. Easy to use.

    Was this review helpful?    

       Stan .   06  Apr,  2012

    Mouse has a nice feel and hand fit. Easy to use and precise.

    Was this review helpful?    

       Fred Sieling .   06  Apr,  2012

    Super cheap and light. works as advertised. I haven't dropped it yet, so I can't give 5 stars b/c I'm not sure about durability, but all indications are 5 stars.

    Was this review helpful?    

       gg .   07  Apr,  2012

    The mouse itself is a good product for how inexpensive it was! It works well and is small and very portable. Not recommended for a dude with big hands... I like USB mice that have the small and inconspicuous USBs like this one does. Overall, a good product, with a good price, from a good merchant. Shipping was very fast, too! That was a big plus.

    Was this review helpful?    

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