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   Imac iMac MC813 Retractable Mini Egg Shaped PC Laptop USB Scroll Wheel Optical Mouse(PINK)

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Product Summary

    Special USB pretty optical computer mouse is a good gift choice for friends or even yourself. High resolution to 1000DPI of this optical mouse. The mouse was designed for left and right handed users. Smooth, precise, easy to use PC mouse wheel for scrolling.
    Features :
    • USB mouse, optical mouse, latest mouse, egg shape mouse
    • 1000 DPI high resolution, 3 button function and noiseless scroll wheel
    • Adopts optical orientation design, high speed and accuracy
    • USB, U+P avaliable, Retractable cable
    • Intelligent power save function, multiple recode avoiding interaction
    • Perfect as gift for your family members and friends
    Style: 3D
    DPI: 1000
    Typed: Wired
    Interface: USB
    Support System: Windows/Vista/XP SP2/2000 SP4/Windows 7
    Dimensions: 65 x 86.5 x 46.0mm
    Color: Pink

  • SKU: 41134-746708
    Location: T56-120
  • Shipping Weight:    3.08 oz

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       Thaowan .   13  Apr,  2012

    Works great for GF small hands, and fits in pocket.

    Was this review helpful?    

       lori .   31  Aug,  2012


    Was this review helpful?    

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